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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Snow White

Name: Snow White
Date of Birth: 16 April, 2013

Snow White, aka Snowy, is my recently gained possession: my brand new, white, sleek, stirdy, sexy and divine iPhone 5. One that I've earned for myself with great care. One that has brought me luck. One that has smitten me totally!

If I could reach out to Steve Jobs now, I'd touch his feet and bow my head in utter respect. The man: his vision, passion and sheer excellence, all unbound!

I am not a new member to the Apple family. Using an iPhone 3 before this already had me in love with the bitten apple logo and it's amazing features. But this one takes me over by surprise and throughout yesterday, I was jumping with glee at having hit jackpot!

Once again, I say if you pray for something with all your heart and soul it will make its way to you. The answer to the "how" is not your concern, you just figure the "what" for yourself:D