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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Apple World

As time passed by over the last few days, morning turned into night and then again to a bright, sometimes cloudy, morning; I found myself multi-tasking more than ever. It felt tiring and strenuous at that time, but now when I look back I have a sly smile. Honestly, if you've ever been loaded with work and later, been blessed to be relieved off most of the load then you know what I mean!

Through these unusually long days, I found respite in the wonderful App Store, on my iPhone 3GS. Some of the applications have blessed my phone for long now but it's just now that I am grateful. Hence, I decided to put together this list and it shows that everytime you're on the phone you're not necessarily texting someone! There's so much more to do:

  • My Wonderful Days: A wonderful application, in the truest sense. It is essentially a daily diary app. But it doesn't end at that. You can add a daily picture of any moment which defines your 24 hours, two symbols to ear-mark the weather and additionally, the app is password locked for privacy!

  • Project 365:  A yearbook of sorts, this app helps you maintain a photo-book throughout the year. To summarize each day in a picture is somewhat difficult. But the good part is, ever since I've downloaded this app I click pictures of random things: from momos that I eat to the books I read! At the end of the day, I sit down to pick and choose which one classifies to my Project 365.

  • Zomato: A fantabulous app which is super handy to pick a place to eat. Meant for all foodies!

  • Grateful: Even though I feel each app is the best, I think this one is truly exceptional. I plant sunflowers of gratefulness! Each time I'm grateful about the slightest thing, I plant a seed and watch the plant grow, bloom and shine. Moreover, the app reminds me five times in a day that I'm supposed to be grateful. Believe it or not, the reminder comes just at the time I need it!

Explore your phone and enjoy it, relish technology at its best!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Meredith Grey

Yesterday she said, "I keep hitting myself wit a hammer because it feels so good when i stop".
Today, before she went away she reminded me that, "Once in a while someone will take your breath away."

She is Meredith Grey. From the not-so-famed Grey's Anatomy. I have a fetish for watching the idiot box from 10:00pm to 11:00pm. It just seems a little less idiotic to me at this time. From Castle and White Collar, I've now gotten tuned to Grey's Anatomy.
She is an interning doctor at Seattle Grace Hospital and as I go through the less than 60 mintues of her life everyday, I smile silently.

What I love so much about her? Well, I'm not in Med school so not that I want to grow up and be Meredith. Just that the voiceovers slated for her in the show are exquisite, heart warming, reassuring and simply, splendid!
The voiceovers are beautifully worded and if it isn't considered my biasness to the world on the western side of the Earth, then I'd have to say I score the wordings of Meredith's voiceovers a little over Amitabh Bachchan's rhymes in KBC.

There are somethings to which your heart atunes almost immediately. Look for those things, enjoy it!

As I look back on my day, my personal voiceover for myself:

Wherever I go, Joy follows!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Laziness comes at a price

It is almost 12 hours past the middle of the week and I'm still paying a price for a lazy weekend.
On Sunday, the lazy bug bit me and acting quite unlike myself I bathed at 4:30p.m. That was not the end of it! I feasted on a huge bowl of ice-cream for dinner. Yes, you read that right: I had just ice - cream for dinner. It was the 'only' course of my meal!
Today, three days past my fateful lazy mood swing, I am repenting it. Lying in bed since yesterday with mild fever and a terrible cold, I am regretting my carelessness.
When you're sick and your brain screams out for a break, that's exactly when you make a mental list of things to do. More often than not, it's an unnecessarily prolonged list. Things which were pending for several weeks pound on your head with seeming urgency, things which can genuinely be postponed until tomorrow,seem to make their way to your priority list.

I am no exception to this human rule. As I am tossing from side to side in my bed, I feel the unbeatable urge to browse the iPhone AppStore. Now beat that! What's urgent in this? I've downloaded 18 applications between yesterday and today. I've downloaded random things: from Expense Manager to Tetris Mania, Audiobooks to something called Magic Coke Bottle! All of this, when my mind calls out for some rest and relaxation.
Unfortunately, my head wins only half the battle because I manage to get into bed, tuck myself into my pink blanket but just as I was drifting into a slumber: Ping! I realized I had a post to write on Blogger!

Sleeping until the next urge rises.....

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Street Names

As I was sitting with my mother watching The Bourne Ultimatum, I drew myself into a debate: Why most of the streets in the West are numericals and which nomenclature is better?

As is widely known, the streets in USA are seldom named after their freedom fighters. Its 5th Avenue and 12th Street, and so on. While one runs horizontal and the other vertical, greater assistance is at hand with the directions clearly marked at crossroads.
On the contrary, we have named our streets after Nehru, Gandhi and Teresa. With all due respect to the eminent personalities, I see no significance in this system of naming the roads.
If you're on 7th Avenue, you know 8th and 6th are on opposite sides. But if you're on Mahatma Gandhi Road, you're practically unaided to find your way to Raja Rammohan Roy Sarani!

Which side of the debate are you on?