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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Seven-year old politicians

Call me mean and say that I am taking undue advantage of this space called my Blog because the content is unregualted and free, but I strongly feel:
Abhijit Mukherjee was surely slapped by his father or a senior in the Congress party.
It is quite like a little seven year old's birthday party, where the birthday boy calls his visiting aunt 'ugly' because she didn't bring him a decent gift, and his mother slapping him thereafter!

We've entrusted the well-being of our country in the hands of people who will wear a birthday cap and rob the goodies from the "khoi-bag", run home and wait for the next elections,er, birthday!

If any individual finds faults with my words here, please let me know because I can always apologize and withdraw my remarks. Its easy!

Monday, 24 December 2012

The many meanings of Sex

I am a 22- year old girl, and like most other girls my age I am struggling on several counts as I stand on this threshold between adolescence and adulthood.
The idea of sex (and I refuse to replace the word with s**) was barely becoming clear in my head, and almost out of the blue I've been thrown into the world of harsh realities from the world of Mills & Boons. So sensitive we were, that we even talked about the story book 'scenes' in hushed tones and changed the topic when our parents walked into the room. Adult jokes, might be a 'laugh-out-loud' for the boys, but our cheeks just changed colors and displayed the various shades of red: ranging from pink to crimson!

Fast track to the heated discussion over the Delhi gang-rape case. What was considered a highly emotional, lovable and affectionate part of human life for so long, has morphed itself into a gruesome act. What goes over the men that they go to such and such extents. Ever since the Delhi case has surfaced, reading the newspaper has proved to be difficult and instead of looking for it first things in the morning, people in my house are avoiding it first thing in the morning. Just yesterday, there was news of a man at a Child Day Care Center raping a 3-year old! Just when were the pinky-pinky love stories robbed of their innocence? If babies, a product of the sexual intercourse are considered the gift of God, what makes the man rape a baby of three! Maybe evil and devil are adjectives insufficient for their pitiable state of character.

A heated discussion in my classroom in college lead the teacher to seek solutions from us, and I said to myself: IT IS TIME TO REALLY GROW UP, NOW!

(Today, most of all days, I am grateful for this gift called Blog because on no other platforms where I can write would I have been able to express myself so unabashedly without having to explain myself or wear a silhouette on my words)

Saturday, 22 December 2012

The world will not end, it will not change!

When I received a message about candle light vigils to protest against the Delhi rape case, I smirked saying its on the 22nd and the world is supposed to end on the 21st December, so who's going to survive for it! No, I didn't really believe that the world was going to end on 21st. After all, I prepared for my Environmental Studies exam scheduled for today, (It doesn't get more ironical than this! To write an EVS exam after the world was supposed to end) but as far as standing up for women's rights was concerned I wasn't willing to step out for it.

Even today, I sat and before the television flipping news channels and checked updates on Twitter, but the passivity reached its peak just now: My friend messaged saying she was at the candle light vigil at Esplanade, and the crowd was massive. Not for once did I feel I should've been there. Why this passivity? Why wasn't I bothered enough?

I didn't believe that the world was ending yesterday, and I also didn't believe that anything in the world would CHANGE. 

Friday, 14 December 2012

Schools of thought

What I read in the newspaper a few days ago:
A newly wedded couple was heading back to their village on a bus, with other people of the bridegroom's side also travelling on the same bus. The wedding was in the neighbouring village where the girl's family lived and had organized the ceremony with great effort and even greater amounts of money by their standards.
As they headed back, the bus met with an accident and eight people died on the spot; one of which was the bridegroom's father himself. The mother of the bridegroom refuses to accept the new bride as part of her family. Considering her doomed, the woman feels that the young girl has brought ba luck and ill fate to her household and has not permitted her to step foot into their house. The accident wasn't her fault but merely a play of luck and fate. Nontheless, she's being made to pay the price and currently being housed by neighbours.

What I saw on an English sit-com called "Packed to the Rafters" on Star World:
Nathan Rafter and Sammy are getting married in the church. Everything goes as planned and its a wonderful ceremony. Just as the priest announces them man and wife and they kiss, Nathan's beloved grandmother falls to the ground and dies of a massive heart attack. They mourn and grieve and cancel their reception dinner. The following day after her funeral, the grandfather calls Sammy and says he's sorry she isn't being able to enjoy hwr newly wedded life. He assures her that his wife loved Nathan a lot and was proud of his decision of marrying Sammy, and she would't have wished either of them to take the blame on themselves. The grandfather then lovingly hugs Sammy as she cries.

Spot the Difference!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

When reel peeks into real

**All information provided in this post is imaginary and based on assumptions. None of it is verified: statistically, or otherwise.**
(Well, that was just an attempt to make the post feel like the beginning of a television program or a movie.)

I am an ardent believer of 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne. If it sounds Latin to you know, that The Secret is a belief propagated by Rhonda Byrne though her books. The belief system states that you attract in your life whatever you think. So, if you think positively the Genie of your Universe blesses you with the same. However, if your thoughts are depressing, sad, morose and abstractly disappointing then the Genie interprets them appropriately and applies the same to your life depending upon your unique situation.

This belief of mine met my love for television recently when I was blessed with a new set top box and its accompanying 350 channels! I love watching Star World but when there are shows I don't particularly follow, I switch to Sony. Nonetheless, with the all new experience of watching the television with two remote controls now, I was flipping channels and I reflected back on the plot of most of the Hindi serials. For time immemorial, they've been centering around broken homes caused by either an extra-marital affair or a quarrelsome mother and daughter-in-law duo. There are financial setbacks in these families caused by frauds and siblings pulling guns on each other every second day. Their scams are more often that not in crores and at least one household featured in the serial is a mansion. There's crying and there's back-biting, then some more crying and pitying, spitting venom and gaining sympathy the process goes on endlessly. These thoughts were going rampant on my mind when I paused on Bade ache lagte hain on Sony and I realized that the lead pair of the serial have barely lived a 'normal' life as that of a regular husband and wife. Ram and Priya were first forced into an arranged marriage, by the time they got close to each other Madam was cast away for five long years. Now that they're back in touch they're still fighting over the custody of their child. Evidently, they love each other. Well then, why can't they just start living like a family again! Why can't the serial makers show us what is normal! If the element of unusual has to be added then why does it always dwindle off to the negative end? Why can't they be unrealistically happy?

Food for thought: We see these pessimistically plotted serials usually during our family dinner time. At least a part of our minds holds on to these ideas and images and that is what our grey cells revolve around. So the big question is: Can the increase in the rate of depression among individuals and the increase in the number of broken homes be accorded to these serials, then?

Friday, 23 November 2012

Kasab Closure

A day after Kasab's execution, reading all the news articles on the 'incident' and discussing the topic with friends; I thought back on that dreadful November when it all happened. I had become extremely emotional and all that mattered through those long hours was the 24x7 news updates on TV. I had written out a letter and a poem and carried out a long public campaign around it. I got signatures from my school and we formed groups and sent in this letter and poem to each newspaper in the city and I also e-mailed it to the then Governor of Kolkata. Those were the days of hyper-activity around such events. The poem goes.....


They say what YOU do is always for the good
But what happened in Mumbai can't be understood
YOU created a million humans who looked the same
But YOU made 1 big mistake and it's a shame!
YOU allowed them to adopt different paths to thank you
Now, in that name, they fight and argue.
These arguments have now taken a violent turn
They don't hesitate to kill, slash, hit and burn

They say when something goes wrong YOU send an angel to set it right
In this darkness, I see no light
No, I haven't lost a close relative or even a mere acquaintance
But yet there are reasons for which I'm upset- humanity, for instance!

They say people die when they are destined to-
The trainee chef was just 22
A Mr. X was on a holiday with his family, relaxing in the hotel room
When she left for work in the morning,
                 the receptionist didn't know her life would end so soon.

They say people die, because YOU choose their soul,
They also say YOU have a heart of gold
But today, I think quite otherwise
YOU'RE probably lazy, even if YOU'RE wise
YOU'RE selfish I feel,
From a 6 month baby, his mother YOU did steal.
On his birthday, he's left as an orphan!

They say whatever happens, YOU'LL take care
What's happening right now is worse than a nightmare!
Dear GOD, send us an intelligent brain,
A little bit of conscience and a sense of shame,
Send in YOUR angel or YOU be the Saviour yourself
Dear GOD, do something,

Warm regards,                                                                  

Today, I seem to myself as character out of a typical Hindi blockbuster. I started out with this excessive feeling of nationalism and justice. Now, I am a person who is itching to get out of the country because I've taken it for granted that nothing here, will change!

Monday, 12 November 2012

The festival of Lights

A hope lingers in my heart when the Diwali lamp is lit on my doorstep, every morning and evening for five days the doorstep is almost deified. Shoes are in place and not an element of dust can be seen anywhere. If you're unlucky, you might just see the soot settling off the diyas on the door frame.
The rice lights adorn the pathway and much else, too! (Considering that these lights are now manufactured and brought in from China, its no fallacy to claim Diwali an international festival!) This year my parents added LED lights to the beauty of the house and I'm not sure how that makes a difference but it sure adds to the shine and shimmer.

As the different colours on the string of rice lights took their turns to come on, as the flame of the lamp fluttered in the cool, evening breeze; my heart made a score of wishes today. I wanted this, and that and maybe God could give me that as well. It shouldn't be so tough for God, 'cuz She has everything at her disposal, right? Yes, my wishlist is long, and usually secretively silent too but there's no harm in that, I feel.

What got me thinking was the whole celebration of the victory of good over evil and how we choose this festival to replace the idols of the famous Ganesh-Laxmi, in our own little temples at home. It is as if you renew the forces of the Lord and Lordess and put forth your wishlist all over again: a fresh, new one. It needn't be consolidated, and perhaps not even well explained because the Almighty is after all 'Know-it-all'.

Standing on a threshold and moving towards the end of my college life: opportunities, responsibilities and diverse experiences awaiting me after the April of 2013;this Diwali, I have a lot to ask for. The seemingly funny one and perhaps the only one I can share so publicly is that: Tomorrow for the Ganesh-Laxmi puja, I shall place my Passport before God! After all, unless the skies have stamped it, no other Visa authority can allow you into their country!

Tomorrow, as you welcome the 'new' Gods to your home, what will you wish for? 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Talking Aloud

There was a time when I had abandoned my Facebook account because the then Newsfeed page was dull and drab. I mean, what had I to do with people voicing their every action and move. Today, somehow I've found myself in the same shoes and I know what it means to post a status, photo or comment on social media.
While marketeers, sellers and promoters use this as a medium to achieve their goal, it is not Lord alone who knows the other powers of this seemingly simple thing!
We, especially girls, get some thrill out of posting a line: either to foretell or forgive, either to predict or preach, to acknowledge or announce.
This, I realized after my repeated change of WhatsApp statuses. You anticipate who's reading it, seeing it and if you're a thinking person you take the liberty to go that extra mile and even assume their reactions. I, for one, can build a whole cause and effect reaction in my mind, based on one status alone. Its funny what those restricted number of characters can do and the ruckus(or pleasure!) they can cause.

Whether or not this is right is another story but an honest acknowledgement is that, I do it. I spend hours to go through others' statuses and days to think up of a witty line for my own account! That's what it is, as sad as it sounds: A majority of us refrain from saying things on the face, and drop hints on statuses and change our profile pictures often to set start a roller coaster of emotions!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Taken for granted

I am a citizen of Kolkata, born and brought up here.I live in Kolkata,crib about it, complain, dislike and disregard it but at the same time, there are moments when I can't help but love it, appreciate it, rejoice its glory. Just about every verb in the dictionary can befit my city.

In the past 20 years of my life, I've always looked forward to the Durga Puja and enjoyed it. However, this year was an exception. There was no frenzy, no looking-forward-to feeling. If you asked me why I'd have a zillion answers, knowing fully well that none of them would be valid.
I heard the dhak, saw the pandal, worshipped the devi. Whether I resounded the dhak mentally, noticed the intricate work of the pandal, is another story. I worshiped the Goddess with all due respect, it is the enjoyment, the glee and the emotion associated which just went missing somehow.

And this I realized, when I complained to my mother today saying, "Mumma my legs hurt and I don't know why 'cuz I haven't really walked much!" She replied instantaneously, " You didn't see the Puja this year, so the Goddess is just leaving a reminder before she wishes us farewell!"

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Wallet Worries

A few days into my month-long vacation from college classes and teaching classes, I'm still absorbing the calmness of it all. I wake up in the morning and laze until breakfast and thereafter too! 
I had an amazing revelation yesterday: about having to carry or not carry wallets. We, 20-something year olds enjoy the privilege of going out with our parents without having to carry our wallets on us. 

This thought was not purely monetary. It's the whole feeling of carrying a wallet when you're out with your friends or even out alone. If you're absolutely sure you won't need money to pay anywhere or anyone, there's a little clump of grey cell which will scream out in your head: "Carry it!". Then, once you're out you're scared you'll lose it ( at least I am!) I check my bag for my grey piece of leather every time I step off public transport. I check the contents of my wallet as often as I find myself sitting alone somewhere, without a crowd prying over me, because I am also scared that people will see the money I have and take it away!
The fear, checking and cross-checking  goes on in a continuous cycle until I get home.

But such is not the case, when we have our parents by our side. Not only is the fear gone but the whole purpose of carrying the wallet is lost. Even the thought of assisting them with loose change is not encouraging enough. Its just this care-free attitude which overpowers and takes charge and on and off I find myself walking up to my father saying, "Papa can you give me ten rupees, I want to buy chips." 

Do you feel the same? 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

At 1:00 a.m

The people on the other side of the world are presently awaiting the day to end. The hectic Monday will end and allow them to return to their homes and relax for a few hours until the wee hours of Tuesday morning make their way again. On the contrary, here I am, sitting wide eyed before my laptop. (Even though I have Blogger of my phone!) It is just this compulsive desire to stay up until late. It's happened with me before and today, is one of those days again.

I get these bouts of not being adequately adult. A chief part of being an adult, according to me, is to be able to stay up until late at night: either having so much work to do that 24 hours seem to fall short, thus making you feel important; or having so much activity close at hand to kill time, that you find yourself multi-tasking even at odd hours. I'm not sure which category do I currently fall into. However, the bottom line is that, I am all of 21 years and I feel I am not adult 'enough'.

As I sat in a dull class today, I thought silently that I was living a boring life, going about the same routine everyday and falling asleep by 11:00 p.m like little school children.(Ok! Middle school children get a leverage until 11!) At that time I told myself, I will go home and watch the several episodes of Castle which I've so fondly collected. Evening came, and I came home. Post dinner I found myself well tucked into my blanket, with the phone in my hand.  Even though I haven't seen the face of Richard Castle, its past 1:00 a.m and I am wide awake.
And as I type this post, my eyes are giving in and screaming for mercy. So, I think I should sleep after all, a two hour extension is not bad for a start!

What keeps you awake?

P.S: I hope I don't regret this tomorrow morning!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

A calorie filled future!

A recently developed habit of mine is to think of my future, when I'm left alone. Either when I'm walking home, or when I'm ready to sleep or when a boring class is on with a strict teacher who won't tolerate whispers: my mind takes the liberty to fast-forward into the future and take a sneek peak. I like to believe that this is what will happen. Even though, I've seen myself in different scenes for the same situation!
One of the scenes which played on my mind was, I was in a foreign land(It should be either Singapore or USA!) and I had a respectable job and more importantly a decent car.
As I was driving around from some friend's place to a TJ Maxx, I visualized myself sipping Coke from a can. For a Coke lover like me, this is a blissful day dream. I stepped out made my purchases at the store and as I approached my car again, I opened my trunk and pulled out another couple of cans that could last me until the next destination! The trunk of my car was loaded with crates of Coke cans and the back seat was stuffed with nachos & Doritos & cho-cho sticks!
The dream was more about food than about the office I worked in, the work I did or even the city in which I lived!
But that's the fun of dreaming, I guess!

Snuggling into my quilt for another dream, as the skies have been grateful today and blessed us with pleasant weather

Kudos to more Coke filled dreams!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Apple World

As time passed by over the last few days, morning turned into night and then again to a bright, sometimes cloudy, morning; I found myself multi-tasking more than ever. It felt tiring and strenuous at that time, but now when I look back I have a sly smile. Honestly, if you've ever been loaded with work and later, been blessed to be relieved off most of the load then you know what I mean!

Through these unusually long days, I found respite in the wonderful App Store, on my iPhone 3GS. Some of the applications have blessed my phone for long now but it's just now that I am grateful. Hence, I decided to put together this list and it shows that everytime you're on the phone you're not necessarily texting someone! There's so much more to do:

  • My Wonderful Days: A wonderful application, in the truest sense. It is essentially a daily diary app. But it doesn't end at that. You can add a daily picture of any moment which defines your 24 hours, two symbols to ear-mark the weather and additionally, the app is password locked for privacy!

  • Project 365:  A yearbook of sorts, this app helps you maintain a photo-book throughout the year. To summarize each day in a picture is somewhat difficult. But the good part is, ever since I've downloaded this app I click pictures of random things: from momos that I eat to the books I read! At the end of the day, I sit down to pick and choose which one classifies to my Project 365.

  • Zomato: A fantabulous app which is super handy to pick a place to eat. Meant for all foodies!

  • Grateful: Even though I feel each app is the best, I think this one is truly exceptional. I plant sunflowers of gratefulness! Each time I'm grateful about the slightest thing, I plant a seed and watch the plant grow, bloom and shine. Moreover, the app reminds me five times in a day that I'm supposed to be grateful. Believe it or not, the reminder comes just at the time I need it!

Explore your phone and enjoy it, relish technology at its best!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Meredith Grey

Yesterday she said, "I keep hitting myself wit a hammer because it feels so good when i stop".
Today, before she went away she reminded me that, "Once in a while someone will take your breath away."

She is Meredith Grey. From the not-so-famed Grey's Anatomy. I have a fetish for watching the idiot box from 10:00pm to 11:00pm. It just seems a little less idiotic to me at this time. From Castle and White Collar, I've now gotten tuned to Grey's Anatomy.
She is an interning doctor at Seattle Grace Hospital and as I go through the less than 60 mintues of her life everyday, I smile silently.

What I love so much about her? Well, I'm not in Med school so not that I want to grow up and be Meredith. Just that the voiceovers slated for her in the show are exquisite, heart warming, reassuring and simply, splendid!
The voiceovers are beautifully worded and if it isn't considered my biasness to the world on the western side of the Earth, then I'd have to say I score the wordings of Meredith's voiceovers a little over Amitabh Bachchan's rhymes in KBC.

There are somethings to which your heart atunes almost immediately. Look for those things, enjoy it!

As I look back on my day, my personal voiceover for myself:

Wherever I go, Joy follows!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Laziness comes at a price

It is almost 12 hours past the middle of the week and I'm still paying a price for a lazy weekend.
On Sunday, the lazy bug bit me and acting quite unlike myself I bathed at 4:30p.m. That was not the end of it! I feasted on a huge bowl of ice-cream for dinner. Yes, you read that right: I had just ice - cream for dinner. It was the 'only' course of my meal!
Today, three days past my fateful lazy mood swing, I am repenting it. Lying in bed since yesterday with mild fever and a terrible cold, I am regretting my carelessness.
When you're sick and your brain screams out for a break, that's exactly when you make a mental list of things to do. More often than not, it's an unnecessarily prolonged list. Things which were pending for several weeks pound on your head with seeming urgency, things which can genuinely be postponed until tomorrow,seem to make their way to your priority list.

I am no exception to this human rule. As I am tossing from side to side in my bed, I feel the unbeatable urge to browse the iPhone AppStore. Now beat that! What's urgent in this? I've downloaded 18 applications between yesterday and today. I've downloaded random things: from Expense Manager to Tetris Mania, Audiobooks to something called Magic Coke Bottle! All of this, when my mind calls out for some rest and relaxation.
Unfortunately, my head wins only half the battle because I manage to get into bed, tuck myself into my pink blanket but just as I was drifting into a slumber: Ping! I realized I had a post to write on Blogger!

Sleeping until the next urge rises.....

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Street Names

As I was sitting with my mother watching The Bourne Ultimatum, I drew myself into a debate: Why most of the streets in the West are numericals and which nomenclature is better?

As is widely known, the streets in USA are seldom named after their freedom fighters. Its 5th Avenue and 12th Street, and so on. While one runs horizontal and the other vertical, greater assistance is at hand with the directions clearly marked at crossroads.
On the contrary, we have named our streets after Nehru, Gandhi and Teresa. With all due respect to the eminent personalities, I see no significance in this system of naming the roads.
If you're on 7th Avenue, you know 8th and 6th are on opposite sides. But if you're on Mahatma Gandhi Road, you're practically unaided to find your way to Raja Rammohan Roy Sarani!

Which side of the debate are you on?

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Dude Food

The entire past week was a long, tiring one. Everyday, my eyes would shut around 10:30-11:00, and I felt like a little school kid who had to sleep early to wake up early, to make it to class on time.
With a zillion things occupying my time through the day, I closed my eyes either to a book or to the TV. One day as my eyes were glued to the screen even in their half-shut state, I was appealed by MasterChef Australia's competition on Dude Food.
I loved everything about 'Dude Food': the name, rhyme, sound of the phrase, idea of it and the fact that it was not restricted to any cuisine. It encompassed all my favourites!
The urge to eat it grew over me today(once again!), but failing to do so I chose to Google it. My favourite results are compiled below.
Disclaimer: Do not scroll below if you're on a diet! :)

Terrific Tacos

Self explanatory! But unavailable in India

Cheese Sticks

Pancakes & Root Beer
Love the picture!

Pasta on Pizza: Who said you can't have the
best of all worlds?

Olives on Nachos

Strawberry Crepes

'Sub' it up!

Spring Rolls

Run to your kitchen now!

Sunday, 19 August 2012


As I'm typing the title to this post, the first thing that comes to my mind is probably what will hover above your head too, when you see this post.
PING! is a word which has become common in the Blackberry world. When someone pings you, and your BB is lying on the dinner table, everyone can figure that your phone is buzzing. If it Pings in your bag, the bag might just slide down your arm. If it Pings as you're standing in your Principal's office, then Oh! God save you!
Basically, a Ping on Blackberry is like your morning alarm clock, only this time it's set by your friends. Ping has now become a trend, and if you talk of trends in the Blackberry world, they're aplenty! The emoticons available to all Blackberrians might just force English scholars to change the saying from 'A picture speaks a thousand words' to 'An emoticon speaks a hundred words'. Their emoticons are so popular that people have started implying them even in their actions and the most confused one is the 'talk-to-the-hand' sign. As one of my friends showed her hand to another buddy, the latter confused it for a high-five!

Anyway to come back to the subject matter, have you ever thought of the Ping moments in your daily life?
I define Ping moments as those that throw you up from your relaxed, reclined state of being and thrust you into the present moment, as much physically as mentally. Here's a list of the Ping moments which abound my life:

  • Sitting in the car, at a traffic signal. One minute you are restless and are counting the seconds with the automated timer displaying the time left. The next minute, your attention is caught by an interesting Billboard and you're so engrossed in reading the fine print that you lose track of time. Ping! The cars behind you are blaring!

  • Again, at the traffic signal. You are walking casually, reading something on your phone when you're approaching a crossing and suddenly you notice that the lights are clear for you to cross. Ping! The phone loses your attention and you rush past the zebra line.

  • Walking in a queue. The queue is really long and you're scared you'll get late. Suddenly, it starts moving fast all of a sudden. Ping! Just then the man infront of you decides to bend to tie his shoe-lace!

  • In a class-room. Your friend is caught texting on the phone. You first pull out yours to ensure its on Silent. And then you smile a sarcastic smile. Ping! Your alarm from last afternoon's nap rings.

  • In an exam hall. You enter. You begin writing. You know the answers. However, you also know its a lengthy paper. You check your watch, happy that you'd worn it. Over 90 minutes left. You get engrossed in writing and when you check your watch again it is satisfies you that you'd written all that in 40 minutes. 50 minutes and two questions left. You decide to take it easy now. Ping! The bell announces 15 minutes left! You double check you watch. It had stopped working! Sad that you'd worn it!

If it were smooth, it wouldn't be Life. Enjoy the Ping moments because without them, you'd run out of conversations, you'd have a constant emotion and expression and lastly, even if this sounds monotonous: you cannot enjoy the high points of your life until you know the other side of the valley!

What are your Ping moments?

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Bharat Mata ki Jai

Returning from the Independence Day celebrations in college, with the patriotism in me at its peak, I made my way home. I smiled when I saw two little children dressed as freedom fighters, walking hand in hand ahead of their mother. The girl looked like Jhansi ki Rani, only younger and her little brother was dressed in stark white kurta-pyjama and as he had coupled it with a black Indian jacket, his attire was typical to that of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Today, 66 years after our Independence there might be less than a handful of Indians who have had the privilege to see the freedom fighters in person, but thanks to our socio-cultural systems; every little child knows how to embody them.

The clothes are the same, the attire perfect to every bit of accessory. However, the spirit of patriotism is missing. The love of the land. The addressal of the country as Mother. The rejoicement of our freedom. The emotion of a free, democratic, united Nation. Nothing is heartfelt. And I say this not because I wish to site the typical examples about the 'McDonaldisation' of our country or point fingers at the rampant corruption, but because I noticed something which was seemingly regular.

In college, during the programme I had heard the age old songs, written and sung in soulful voices, reflecting a truly heartfelt love for the nation. The songs ranged from Aye mere watan ke logon and Vande Mataram to Sare jahan se acha and Hum honge kamyab!  However, on the same walk back home when I noticed the little ones dressed as characters from the past, I noticed something which had the opposite effect of a smile. One of the local clubs(popularly known as para clubs in Bengali) had hoisted a flag and paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru  and set up a music console with two power packed speakers which were intended to arouse a sense of belonging to the nation, among passersby. Alas! what was blaring was Emran Hashmi's latest hit Bharat Mata ki Jai!

As the lads danced vulgarly to Sone ki chidiya, dengue malaria, gud bhi hai gobar bhi Bharat Mata ki jai, I thought to myself, "Now beat this!" They are addressing the country with due respect and they haven't even forgotten the typical Indian word 'Jai'. Its just the dengue and malaria, gud and gobar in between, which you have to overlook!
I walked on, ignoring the loud music and their dirty dance. Maybe this is why we call ourselves a free Nation, everyone is free to do what they want! 

Monday, 6 August 2012

Curiosity Rover

When I read the news about the Mars rover 'Curiosity' sent into space by NASA, I was pleased to know that the Mars Space Laboratory wing of NASA had been kind enough to name the rover interestingly and intriguingly. When we were in junior school and had to learn the names of satellites and suh space instruments, we had an extremely tough time. 'Sputnik' is one weird name which stands out in my head, 'Insat' sounds as an abbreviation of something but 'Curiosity' certainly wins brownie points for adding a tad bit of human emotions to the mission.

Whether or not the project will be a success, one thing is for sure and that is, the children of the forthcoming years will not find a difficulty in learning this!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Thank you God, for electricity

This morning I read in the papers about the electricity crisis in the northern parts of the country. Read. Felt sorry. And passively flipped the page to the Olympics' news stories. A few hours thereafter, after blazing the sweltering heat on my way back home from college, I entered home to a 'poweless' house.(The pun is deliberate!)

At 3p.m the electricity in our city let us down and chose not to come back until 8! This was the tale in my house. Each house in separate localities had its own allowances or disruptures!

Nonetheless, the point of this post is that I realized the life saving characteristic of electricity. It virtually gives life to us in today's age!
The complaints I heard invariably started from "My phone's battery is miserably low!"and went on to "Now that we need the rain, the sky will decide to hold back.", "What if it doesn't come back until tomorrow morning? Will we not have water to bathe?", "How will the maid come tomorrow morning if the trains aren't plying?"
My own insight was; "This is 2012!"
A few seemingly super long hours later, the lights came back and as the primitive men had started worshipping Sun and Fire, attributing the natural forces the powers of God; maybe an addition to those should be the God of Electricity!

What was your experience of chit-chat in the evening shadows?

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Ambush Campaigns


Wikipedia defines Ambush Campaigns as,"a marketing strategy wherein the advertisers associate themselves with, and therefore capitalize on, a particular event without paying any sponsorship fee." 
 In more ways than one, such campaigns can be regarded as unethical. The brand in question associates its name with a popular event, without the consent of the associated parties, firms and people. There is no question about the fact that the brand's reputation and goodwill get an impetus out of this but it is immoral and unethical all the same. However, it might be a sure coincidence and not involve any wrong intentions on the part of the brand managers.

With the Olympics in full swing in London now, such campaigns and the London authorities attempts to control the same are making news. Thus, I landed up Googling 'popular' ambush campaigns and the 'successful' ones too! There couldn't be any greater oxymorons than these, I think. Well, the list below is best called The 'Interesting' Ambush Campaigns:

  • Rona recycles Apple's leftover paint.

                                Rona recycles Apple's leftover paint.

Rona, a home improvement chain in Canada, had this banner placed below Apple's iPod nano billboard near the Jacques Cartier Bridge in Montreal.
The text reads "Nous récupérons les restes de peinture" translating into, "we recycle leftover paint."
Apple's "nano-chromatic" campaign was a global campaign, but Rona and its agency, Bos, seem to be the only ones who pulled off an ambush campaign like this.
Airlines Industry at loogerheads

Spot the brand

                                  Saving the last for the end:

 I simply loved this ad! The concept and the script are magnificent!
Even though it's like Nike is eating away the cake that Adidas (Official Sponsor of London Olympics'12) paid for, you can't help commending their effort and your smile is surely going to tinged with a sense of approval for Nike!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Birthday Bash

Everytime a prospective topic for a post sprouts in my head, I try to ensure that it doesn't make my blog too personal.
However, today's post is an exception.

Yesterday was my birthday and I celebrated it well. From movies to feasts at a cafe to finger licking ice cream to shopping, I was greatly indulged and pampered by all my near and dear ones.
Spent a nice, peaceful day in a relaxed manner. It was a fun filled day and everytime an ant from the past crawled into my grey cells, I just told myself Let Bygones be Bygones!

If you're also going to take a day off, let your hair down then let yourself loose. Call over your closest buddies, and cherish the moments before the sand flows out of your hands!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Movies revisited

Like most other girls my age, I love watching movies over and over again. And like most other Indians, Yash Raj and Karan Johar films are an all time favourite.
This post stems from my dilemma of choosing between Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and Band Baaja baarat.
When you watch the same movie time and again, you realize thr details that have been worked upon. The flowers in the background, the antique clock, fpur leaves on the ground, the man walking behind, the dust laden book and such miniscule things which have been carefully placed and set just to add to the authenticity.
While I 'revisited' Kahaani this afternoon, i carefully noticed that Vidya Balan gave Bishnu, aka Hot Running Water, a dairy milk while tickling him.
In Band Baaja Baarat, I noticed that the name of the company where Anushka and Ranveer interned was calle Moonstruck and their logo had a purple orchid stem running through the o's!
Just now, as I watch Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, I realize that the specific lights which adorn Preity Zinta's house!

Revisit a movie and observe, analyse, criticize and notice! A fun-filled experience for sure!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Teach your sons better!

Barkha Dutt: "Dont let the Mob Win. Dont tell your daughter she can't go out alone at night. Dont restrict the clothes she wears. Teach your sons better."

Barkha Dutt, who is in many ways my role model, tweeted this around 7 this evening, when the news of a molestation case in Guwahati was doing rounds. The television channels were flooded with news readers and reporters sharing information, showing the footage of the incident and 'experts' opinion on the issue of human rights and women's rights being undermined.
I was disheartened by the issue. A 17 year old girl was molested in Guwahati around 8:30pm. What would the people who say women shouldn't keep late hours, say to this? She was not skimpily dressed. If wearing a skirt classifies as skimpy, my school uniform comprised of one! Her skirt, did not massively defy gravity, nor was it sky risingly high(read short)! The class 11 student stepped out of ar estaurant after celebrating her friend's birthday and she stepped into the blackest  evening of her life! The very thought of 30 men molesting her gave me goosebumps. She was stripped and humiliated in full public view. That is the nation we have built, in so many years?

What disturbed me more was that when I sat back after wacthing the news pieces, I thought to myself what was the reporter thinking when he chose to stand by the sides to take the video, but not help the poor girl? Kudos to Times Now for not showing the video, choosing to adhere from voyeurism. I had read in books about the ethical conflicts faced by journalists. However, I never grasped the essence of those until today when I had an argument with my father about the role of the media in the whole scenario. They hype the issue periodically, harp on a topic to generate greater viewership, sensationalize it, forget the sensitivity of the matter and take the short span of public memory as the only constant amongst all other variables!

Their actions are surely debatable. Can someon give me a debate platform? A channel to voice myself? A means to share my thoughts?
Why am I so bothered, touched, affected and frustrated?
Because I am a girl, only littlle older than the one aggrieved, and I know what it feels like when your parents say- "Look what has happened in Guwahati! I'm afraid you'll have to drop your plans of travelling alone with your friends."
The phrase 'alone with your friends' is an oxymoron in itself, and to add to the irony, people treat girls as morons and apparently the onus of the fault lies on us, in some way or another.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Becoming young, growing old

The state of my mind is as complicated as the title of this post, right now.
Usually by this time of the year I'm counting days to my birthday. However, this year there seems to be no excitement! I am coaxing myself to be elated that MY day is around the corner again. Not once have I counted the days that are left and not once have I sat to think what I want or how to celebrate.
A friend of mine buys herself a gift every year. Splendid idea,indeed!

Awaiting for the joy to rise!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Governor throws the gates wide open

A few years ago, whenever I passed the Raj Bhavan in Kolkata I had this urge to know what the majestic gates beheld. I wanted to step in and see, feel and get a sense of the regality and the royal nature of the heritage building.
My wish was fulfilled during the tenure of Shri Gopalkrishna Gandhi as Governor of State. I had written an article and a poem on the 26/11 Mumbai Terror attacks and when I sent a copy of the same, I was delighted when I was invited to the Raj Bhavan.
I remember that day distinctly in my mind. It was a bright sunny February morning, and I had an Accounts exam. However, the exam timings were clashing with the time that had been allotted to me at the Raj Bhavan. Thus, my school Principal and the authorities had been very kind and made the necessary adjustments. While the others would begin their exam at 9:30a.m, I was in school at 7:45 because my paper would begin at 8:00a.m. I sat in the Principal's office to write that paper!

What a day it was! And totally worth it! It was a wonderful experience in the Raj Bhavan and I still have the pictures which I cherish. However, I am not allowed to share them publicly!
This morning when I woke up and read this article in The Times of India, I was genuinely elated for all the students who would be allowed this opportunity, now.

For all those who will soon step foot on the premises of His Excellency Governor of West Bengal:
You're in for a wonderful time, some cute surprises and a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

The link to the article is as follows:

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Google it!

No matter, how much of a multi-tasker you are, there comes a time in everyone's life when they have nothing to do. I had one such DAY, today. I am in the middle of doing something and having nothing to do. I finished writing my exams last week and college resumes from tomorrow, I did a little productive work around the house in the morning and I'm waiting to step out for my Sunday outing. Thus on this Sunday afternoon and dusk period, I found a friend in Google. The results of my fun time with Google, is listed below.

When you type random words on the search bar, you'll see the following suggestions (not in order):

  • When:
 When will I die: Yes, that's the first suggestion, imagine how many people are Googling what they fear the most!
When is Father's day: Imagine what would happen if your father is breathing down your neck, while you're Googling this!
When to take a pregnancy test: No comments!

  • How:
How to kiss: I think, the underaged are behind this one. Again, this is the first suggestion!
How to hack a Facebook account: Evil minds at work.
How to make a bomb: The flip side of Google.

  • What:
What is love: My head bows to the one who brings himself to the computer screen to search for this piece of 'information.'
What is my IP: Valid question. When I was explained about IP Addresses, the person said its like the telephone number of your computer!
What is marketing: I remember learning six different definitions in Business Studies, in school.

  • Where:
Where the mind is without fear: Imagine Mamata Banerjee's happiness when she sees this is the first suggestion!
Where do you go lyrics: It reminds me of the times, when we were in middle school and used to copy lyrics of songs, with greater speed than we had for writing notes!
Where is doc: I don't know why someone would ask Google, this question.

  • Who
Who's the cutest: Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all- OLD
                              Google Google, in the webworld, who is the cutest of them all- NEW
Wholesale price index: Getting down to economics.
Who is Nirmal Baba: No comments!
  • Why:
Why is the sky blue: Again, the underaged are gaining ground!
Why this kolaveri di: Well, it was trending globally. Here's, proof of it.
Why2sms: Ask yourself! If you're looking for the free sms site, its called way2sms!

Feel free to add to this list!!

Monday, 18 June 2012


This article in The Telegraph yesterday reminded me of the out-of-the-box techniques of writing news pieces. I'd once read in my journalism notes about a reporter in New York writing on President John F Kennedy's assassination. He had interviewed the grave digger and used that as his news peg. A rather innovative way of writing the obituary!

This article, written similarly on Pranab Mukherjee's candidature for Presidentship is a little abstract but innovative!

-The pleasures of reading!

Monday, 11 June 2012

World Wide Web

To make clear the variety of information available on the internet, I see no need to write a thesis or even an essay. One needs to as much as sit on Google and type randomly, and the results will show up. If you make a mistake in spelling, the search engine has suggestions! Solutions are unending and results go on upto several pages.
In several such instances of searching the world wide web, I have come across several websites and I thought I  could provide a concise catalogue of my favourites!

  • Authored by Jim Harmer, this website is an all-in-one guide for a photographer. From breaking myths about the art of photography, providing tips and suggesting the best ways of clicking from the perfect angle; this site provides exceptional help! It ranges high on my list of favourites and their newsletter just makes life easier for the photographer in you!

  •  Their slogan, 'bridal inspirations', says it all for their content! A soothing look of the webpage provides an assurance of their subtle tastes and if you hate gaudy, you love stylemepretty! Even though their services aren't available in India, this specific website rekindles the part of me that wants to be a wedding planner one day.If that dream comes true, my inspiration would surely stem from them.

  • I did not chance upon this one, this was suggested by an aunt. A mouth-watering site, to say the least! They genuinely have commendable ideas!

  • It is a promising and an innovative site, even though there is a small 'Coming Soon' below.

The search for innovativeness continues........

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Tanishq Everydays

Tanishq is known for its unusual ads. I like their “Tanishq Everydays” Print Ads.  These are second only to the Mia Collection ads.
 It’s genuinely different, in my opinion it defines out-of-the-box ideas. Even though the campaign wasn’t my idea, I thought of a few ideas in which this could be taken further.

A few of the ones that already exist in this category are:

Bangles on a corn cob

Stone studded green apples

These ads are not very prominent but put the product into perspective. They are unique ideas and the next time you see green apples, if you aren't preoccupied; you're sure to think of diamond pendants.

Some ideas that came into my mind on seeing these ads were:

Bangles in place of orange wedges

This sort of an image of an orange wherein the wedges of the fruit can be replaced with bangles. The sleek bangles, which have the same design all around because in this image only one side can be seen so if there’s an exceptional design on the other side, it will go unnoticed!

It doesn't cost a fortune

I choose this image due to lack of suitable images that can explain my idea. However, I do not agree with the message note featured. Firstly, it is very common and flouts the very rule of out-of-the-box ideas for Tanishq’s profile.  On another count I feel this idea could be used for the Mia Collection as well. Since that collection is meant for working women, it fits in there perfectly. Maybe the message could read: ‘It doesn’t cost a fortune’
This idea can be cashed in on for spreading the idea that a woman doesn’t always need a man to buy her a ring. She can buy it for herself. Maybe the one meant for her left hand’s ring finger comes from her man, but then there are nine other fingers!

Kangan Donuts

Kangans could be stacked together like this over a few donuts. But it is important for the donuts to be well frosted with chocolate because only then will the gold shine above the dark brown of the chocolate and be perfectly visible.

Tanishq Everydays!

Disclaimer: Tanishq has not given consent to these advertisements. It is only my personal addition to their pre-existing campaign called Tanishq Everydays. The seal of Tanishq is not borne herein.
Also, the use of these ideas without my knowledge is not punishable, but surely unethical.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Answer Sheets in Exams

For all students in India this is a crucial time of the year. While Board examinees await their results and then struggle for admissions, their juniors are busy adjusting into new classes. For us, college students exams are either are underway. I am no exception to this law of the land and my Part II exams in Communicative English, have begun today.

I have my Majors paper first each of which are four hours long. For me atleast, these papers are easy and the time is always excess. (The electives are invariably tougher and that's when I feel I had a LITTLE more time.So, its not like I'm a genius and a robot who can excel in everything!) With almost two year's experience of writing seemingly easy papers comfortably in four hours, I have developed the habit of dreaming while writing these exams. Yes, I dream while writing an exam.

I don't think that's much of an anomaly in my stream of studies because the more we dream the more we can ideate and hence, the better the reports, articles and stories! As long as my mind promises to come back in due time, I don't mind its wandering off to another land during these few hours when no one is a llowed to talk to you, no one except the invigilator will check on you, your phone is switched off. Basically, they are hours, you can spend entirely by yourself and unless you keep a little track of time and write out all the answers, its a good feeling!

Anyway, on one of these expeditions that my mind took while writing today's paper I thought to myself of a rule that should be initiated by the Univeristy. Each student should be allowed to write a note to the examiner before beginning the paper. A personal note about myself, how I write, my style of writing and my knowledge and comprehensive capabilities.

What would I write? Here goes......

Dear Teacher,
  1. Please note that I am writing this paper on a bright, sunny, sultry, humid morning. It is difficult to sustain without water and I am sweating profusely because the air circulated by the ceiling fan actually has no effect. Hence, pardon me if the answer script is sodden with a few drops of water here and there.  I want you to know that, that won't be carelessness on my part,
  2. I have studied attentively for this exam and put in considerable effort in the preparations. However, now when I see the topic of the report I feel a little lost as it isn't something I am comfortable with: old age homes. It makes me emotional and hence I would've liked to refrain from writing on this topic for an exam.
  3. However, I am confident of the other answers and I am quite intrigued by the comprehension passage, about quintuplets. I will go back home and Google it, because I want to know if it is true.
  4. As for my writing style, please note that I begin a paragraph from the margin, but if the last sentence of the previous paragraph ends quite towards the right side; I like to leave two finger gap if my next line is a new paragraph.
  5. I will try my best to write the paper well so as to make it easier for you to check.
  6. With all due respect, I request you to drink a little water and have a snack before you start checking my paper. Not that I will give you a tough time, but I just wish you to be in a congenial mood.
  7. Lastly, please dont over-stress your red pen!
(We are not allowed to write our names anywhere on the answer sheet which is why our names become a string of letters, without an affidavit!)

What would your letter to your examiner be?

P.S: For those who have a not-so-strong sense of humour, I do not intend this to be really incorporated. It is merely the product of my imagination!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Kaun Banega Crorepati

It was one of its kind when it was introduced to Indian television and I think even today it has a place of its own as far as the small screen is concerned.
But for me, personally, it has lost the charm it once had. Somehow it doesn't feel the same. Probably because Ekta Kapoor's serials and the multiple scams in the Indian government, have demeaned the value of a crore. Even though I have nothing against Shahrukh Khan, but I didn't like the controversy that surrounded around him taking over a few seasons of the show intermediating Amitabh Bachan's prorogative to it! The changing rules of the show itself, have changed. Basically, I am not appealed by Kaun Banega Crorepati anymore.
Anyway, I felt a renewed sense of excitement for this show when I saw the trailers of this season being aired. The way Big B comes on makes it sound so real. His lines are very well worded and the thought that goes behind each of those promotional videos is commendable!
For friends he says exactly the lines we use, and what's more is his tone and style is quite close to what really is used by us all. For ladies also, the line that says "Mihir fir se mar gaya" is my favourite.
Nice idea and well conceptualised. I think it is meaningful and it hits the target because everyone relates with it at some point or the other!

Saturday, 26 May 2012


Surfing the internet for me is not always Facebook Chat and GTalk. I like to browse through Google a lot, and even though friends have asked me several times how I chance upon some specific information, I never have an answer because one thing leads to the other and another and another and I keep finding things I'd never known, but would have loved to know!
The following link is one such thing that I thought I must share. It is stale news for people who already know about it, but my guess is most of us don't. It is not revolutionary, not breathtaking; just plainly interesting.

Hope you like it!

The whole idea of Facebook is unique and intriguing and now with the social networking site going public on NASDAQ, it won't be long before young adults will be trading in Facebook shares. After all, it is so cool to own shares of your favourite website.
People maybe putting up pictures of their 18th birthday on their wall, and behind the scenes, they might be shareholders of Facebook.

Your right over the site goes a little beyond your own wall!

Kudos to whoever coined the phrase: THINK BIG!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Forced hibernation

About a month ago, the internet connection I have in my house went off, and with it went my landline phone as well, because both the services were covered under one connection.
This was around the time when Kolkata was 'enjoying' regular thunderstorms and apparently in the breeze, the precious wires snapped and the connectivity was lost. Allowing nature so much control over us, we made amends with the situation, and after complaining to our service provider waited with patience for the services to be restored.
Alas! All this time has passed, the weather in the city has changed, the Sun God has shown face after those storms but it is oh! so difficult for the telecom company to send their personnel to fix the lines.
I went to their office to complain ( Note: Office, not outlet) but their replies were indifferent and callous. So much so, that when I threatened to surrender my connection, the gentleman replied in a nonchalant "Ok"!
And that is what we ultimately had to do.
So now Mentalfloss makes a refreshed start, not that my writing will change with a change in the company renderring its services, but unfortunately Reliance (my old service provider) did not live up to its name and caused me great distress and so much has passed within this time that one regular sized post is insufficient!

I have started my own business, a flower boutique, with my mother as partner, I've called it FloraDeli. We've sent out several orders and the bright little flowers have genuinely added colour and activity to my life. My favourite project was the one taken up for Ritu Kumar's signature store opening in Woodburn Court and my favourite piece is a bouquet made of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates alone! If I had the privilege of writing while all this was happening I could've shared my feelings at length, but now as time has passed, these moments have settled down and the experiences have lost their new and exciting flavour.
(Advertorial: !

Castle Season 4 is airing in India now and it was as if Star World were tempting us at first when they started with once-a-week telecast every Wednesday, and recently they've allowed the detectives to rule our screen through the week! Kate's hair is a different shade, but apart from that there aren't any changes. After all, how can one alter perfectionism!

I attended and volunteered for an American Center program called 'The Real Americans' featuring Dan Hoyle. It was a monologuist performance but yet so holistic. Dan, is an intelligent man and fun loving ( I got to spend some time off the show with him) and it was interesting to see his observation skills at work. It is always fun to see an artist's performance and then accompany him on his research it always gives us a deeper insight into what goes behind the 60 seconds act, about which we pass a judgement, almost unthinkingly! Commendable program, it was truly entertaining!

Vicky Donor was released and even though I didn't catch it in the theatre, I loved it when I saw it at home. A totally fresh plot. A storyline that hasn't been copied, and so far, not pasted! An amazing line of thought and quite overwhelmingly realistic. Neither of the protagonists are perfect and nor is their story laced with violins and white horses. An entertainer packed with awesome songs, as well as endowed with a moral lesson! Awesome!

Harley Davidson has come to Kolkata and I loved the pictures that featured in the next day's papers. What a feast for the eyes!
At Princep Ghat

The Kolkata store

There were myriad things that I had in mind but memory has failed me because it is at the spur of the moment that one wishes to write and for me, if the urge is not fulfilled it is lost.
Though many people (including my elder brother) felt that whether a fixed line internet connection or no, life should go on as usual, I disagree strongly. No one told me to make do WITHOUT the internet, but there are several ways of making your way through. For example, using the phone. However, in my opinion, to say the least, it is tough to blog or browse through the phone. Ask someone who does not have easy access to the computer and you'll know!
Today as I go to bed, I shall pray:

Thank you God for the world so sweet
Thank you God for the food we eat
Thank you God for the birds that sing
Thank you God for everything!
P.S: Thank you God for the internet services you've bestowed us with!
Thank your stars, you're lucky if you're comfortably reading this:)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

From Sooooooouuuunnnnnd to song

MTV India is known for its out-of-the-box ideas in TV shows. They are the trend setters and there's no doubt that they have a niche, loyal and loving viewership.
Just as my interest in the idiot box was dwindling, MTV India launched Sound Trippin'.
And whoa! TV viewing for me took a turn for the good.I was impressed by the trailers for this particular show and it defined the word 'difference'. In this age of reality shows and behind the scenes shots, this show stands tall.
The anchor
Its about the journey from sound to song. Sneha Khanwalkar, the anchor is seen travelling to various parts of the country and she records sound bytes to make a song out of it, for each region.

The show brings to light, the fact that each place has its own identity and so far the visual images were cashed in by the producers. So much so that, the visual imagery has reached a point of saturation. Typical of the MTV think-tank they brought out a strategy which is truly run-off-the-mill and here we have this young lady going to beautiful places and recording sounds. Sounds that we like, we've heard before, ignored before, taken for granted and sometimes even considered them as 'noises', this show turns all of that into a beautiful song.
The show is very well planned and even though they use latest technology typical to the musical field, their working is transparent and one can tell exactly how the sound bytes are distinct from one another.
On seeing the work that goes behind it we realize how much hardwork goes into the songs that music directors compose, those that we download for free from the internet or casually listen to their creations on the radio while juggling between a couple of routine tasks.

The 'noise' of the heavy vehicle is recorded for a song!

My favourite sound clip: water drop
 A beautiful concept, beautiful show.It sure does leave a mark! Kudos to MTV!