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Monday, 12 November 2012

The festival of Lights

A hope lingers in my heart when the Diwali lamp is lit on my doorstep, every morning and evening for five days the doorstep is almost deified. Shoes are in place and not an element of dust can be seen anywhere. If you're unlucky, you might just see the soot settling off the diyas on the door frame.
The rice lights adorn the pathway and much else, too! (Considering that these lights are now manufactured and brought in from China, its no fallacy to claim Diwali an international festival!) This year my parents added LED lights to the beauty of the house and I'm not sure how that makes a difference but it sure adds to the shine and shimmer.

As the different colours on the string of rice lights took their turns to come on, as the flame of the lamp fluttered in the cool, evening breeze; my heart made a score of wishes today. I wanted this, and that and maybe God could give me that as well. It shouldn't be so tough for God, 'cuz She has everything at her disposal, right? Yes, my wishlist is long, and usually secretively silent too but there's no harm in that, I feel.

What got me thinking was the whole celebration of the victory of good over evil and how we choose this festival to replace the idols of the famous Ganesh-Laxmi, in our own little temples at home. It is as if you renew the forces of the Lord and Lordess and put forth your wishlist all over again: a fresh, new one. It needn't be consolidated, and perhaps not even well explained because the Almighty is after all 'Know-it-all'.

Standing on a threshold and moving towards the end of my college life: opportunities, responsibilities and diverse experiences awaiting me after the April of 2013;this Diwali, I have a lot to ask for. The seemingly funny one and perhaps the only one I can share so publicly is that: Tomorrow for the Ganesh-Laxmi puja, I shall place my Passport before God! After all, unless the skies have stamped it, no other Visa authority can allow you into their country!

Tomorrow, as you welcome the 'new' Gods to your home, what will you wish for? 

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  1. I wish the world doesn't have to end soon! Neither literally nor metaphorically!