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Saturday, 13 July 2013


I am not sure what it is. Whether it is under the effect of Karan Johar and Yash Chopra movies, or I am too influenced by the books I read. It could also be related to my belief system which pings all day at the back of my head, urging me to visualize what I aspire, dream, want and crave. 

Irrespective of what it is, off late my grey cells generate visualizations which are usually telescopic into the future and sometimes even those which could have been alternatives of what has passed. These scenes pass as reels in my head and the projection is so vivid and clear that it sometimes pushes me to tears and sometimes, a smile bursts across my face. On hindsight I feel thankful for such a vivid, clear imagination and I am only compelled to carry on.

Some of the ideas which have clouded my mind, made a mark on my memory and even managed to heal my heart are:

Sitting back, reclining on a couch, reading a book and a coffee mug full of soup in my hand, is how I see myself enjoying my weekly offs.

Stepping out post dinner to bite into a yummilicious scoop of Baskin Robbins ice-cream, laughing over the desserts with friends is my idea of having fun and breaking away from daily routine, for a tad bit before the day ends. 

Sitting in a Deepika Padukone pose on a flight, by the window and staring down on land as if I can pin-point who's who is how I see myself flying off somewhere, alone and by myself- Growing.

Going for a walk, with my iPhone in hand, and its special white headsets blaring into my ears.

Working for really long, on my silver-grey laptop, with a bright coffee mug on my red Zomato coaster, and an even brighter diary with a pink pen - all sitting in place on MY desk, with me towering above it all with a whole lot of work left to finish. But, a smile will lighten my face even then! 

I have some beautiful dreams, some pretty thoughts of where I see myself. I believe in these thoughts and ideas. I trust myself to make my way through these, all in good time! I make my way through them, but I also cherish them as they are: dreams, thoughts and snippets in my mind. I visualize them and I see them everyday, in more and more and more detail. 

I don't miss out the colour my pen or even mistake the soup for coffee. I put my heart into the thought and I know it will all come true. After all, I have the latest iPhone and moreover, its white! And that ain't just a coincidence!

Thank you, God!