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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Ambush Campaigns


Wikipedia defines Ambush Campaigns as,"a marketing strategy wherein the advertisers associate themselves with, and therefore capitalize on, a particular event without paying any sponsorship fee." 
 In more ways than one, such campaigns can be regarded as unethical. The brand in question associates its name with a popular event, without the consent of the associated parties, firms and people. There is no question about the fact that the brand's reputation and goodwill get an impetus out of this but it is immoral and unethical all the same. However, it might be a sure coincidence and not involve any wrong intentions on the part of the brand managers.

With the Olympics in full swing in London now, such campaigns and the London authorities attempts to control the same are making news. Thus, I landed up Googling 'popular' ambush campaigns and the 'successful' ones too! There couldn't be any greater oxymorons than these, I think. Well, the list below is best called The 'Interesting' Ambush Campaigns:

  • Rona recycles Apple's leftover paint.

                                Rona recycles Apple's leftover paint.

Rona, a home improvement chain in Canada, had this banner placed below Apple's iPod nano billboard near the Jacques Cartier Bridge in Montreal.
The text reads "Nous récupérons les restes de peinture" translating into, "we recycle leftover paint."
Apple's "nano-chromatic" campaign was a global campaign, but Rona and its agency, Bos, seem to be the only ones who pulled off an ambush campaign like this.
Airlines Industry at loogerheads

Spot the brand

                                  Saving the last for the end:

 I simply loved this ad! The concept and the script are magnificent!
Even though it's like Nike is eating away the cake that Adidas (Official Sponsor of London Olympics'12) paid for, you can't help commending their effort and your smile is surely going to tinged with a sense of approval for Nike!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Birthday Bash

Everytime a prospective topic for a post sprouts in my head, I try to ensure that it doesn't make my blog too personal.
However, today's post is an exception.

Yesterday was my birthday and I celebrated it well. From movies to feasts at a cafe to finger licking ice cream to shopping, I was greatly indulged and pampered by all my near and dear ones.
Spent a nice, peaceful day in a relaxed manner. It was a fun filled day and everytime an ant from the past crawled into my grey cells, I just told myself Let Bygones be Bygones!

If you're also going to take a day off, let your hair down then let yourself loose. Call over your closest buddies, and cherish the moments before the sand flows out of your hands!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Movies revisited

Like most other girls my age, I love watching movies over and over again. And like most other Indians, Yash Raj and Karan Johar films are an all time favourite.
This post stems from my dilemma of choosing between Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and Band Baaja baarat.
When you watch the same movie time and again, you realize thr details that have been worked upon. The flowers in the background, the antique clock, fpur leaves on the ground, the man walking behind, the dust laden book and such miniscule things which have been carefully placed and set just to add to the authenticity.
While I 'revisited' Kahaani this afternoon, i carefully noticed that Vidya Balan gave Bishnu, aka Hot Running Water, a dairy milk while tickling him.
In Band Baaja Baarat, I noticed that the name of the company where Anushka and Ranveer interned was calle Moonstruck and their logo had a purple orchid stem running through the o's!
Just now, as I watch Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, I realize that the specific lights which adorn Preity Zinta's house!

Revisit a movie and observe, analyse, criticize and notice! A fun-filled experience for sure!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Teach your sons better!

Barkha Dutt: "Dont let the Mob Win. Dont tell your daughter she can't go out alone at night. Dont restrict the clothes she wears. Teach your sons better."

Barkha Dutt, who is in many ways my role model, tweeted this around 7 this evening, when the news of a molestation case in Guwahati was doing rounds. The television channels were flooded with news readers and reporters sharing information, showing the footage of the incident and 'experts' opinion on the issue of human rights and women's rights being undermined.
I was disheartened by the issue. A 17 year old girl was molested in Guwahati around 8:30pm. What would the people who say women shouldn't keep late hours, say to this? She was not skimpily dressed. If wearing a skirt classifies as skimpy, my school uniform comprised of one! Her skirt, did not massively defy gravity, nor was it sky risingly high(read short)! The class 11 student stepped out of ar estaurant after celebrating her friend's birthday and she stepped into the blackest  evening of her life! The very thought of 30 men molesting her gave me goosebumps. She was stripped and humiliated in full public view. That is the nation we have built, in so many years?

What disturbed me more was that when I sat back after wacthing the news pieces, I thought to myself what was the reporter thinking when he chose to stand by the sides to take the video, but not help the poor girl? Kudos to Times Now for not showing the video, choosing to adhere from voyeurism. I had read in books about the ethical conflicts faced by journalists. However, I never grasped the essence of those until today when I had an argument with my father about the role of the media in the whole scenario. They hype the issue periodically, harp on a topic to generate greater viewership, sensationalize it, forget the sensitivity of the matter and take the short span of public memory as the only constant amongst all other variables!

Their actions are surely debatable. Can someon give me a debate platform? A channel to voice myself? A means to share my thoughts?
Why am I so bothered, touched, affected and frustrated?
Because I am a girl, only littlle older than the one aggrieved, and I know what it feels like when your parents say- "Look what has happened in Guwahati! I'm afraid you'll have to drop your plans of travelling alone with your friends."
The phrase 'alone with your friends' is an oxymoron in itself, and to add to the irony, people treat girls as morons and apparently the onus of the fault lies on us, in some way or another.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Becoming young, growing old

The state of my mind is as complicated as the title of this post, right now.
Usually by this time of the year I'm counting days to my birthday. However, this year there seems to be no excitement! I am coaxing myself to be elated that MY day is around the corner again. Not once have I counted the days that are left and not once have I sat to think what I want or how to celebrate.
A friend of mine buys herself a gift every year. Splendid idea,indeed!

Awaiting for the joy to rise!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Governor throws the gates wide open

A few years ago, whenever I passed the Raj Bhavan in Kolkata I had this urge to know what the majestic gates beheld. I wanted to step in and see, feel and get a sense of the regality and the royal nature of the heritage building.
My wish was fulfilled during the tenure of Shri Gopalkrishna Gandhi as Governor of State. I had written an article and a poem on the 26/11 Mumbai Terror attacks and when I sent a copy of the same, I was delighted when I was invited to the Raj Bhavan.
I remember that day distinctly in my mind. It was a bright sunny February morning, and I had an Accounts exam. However, the exam timings were clashing with the time that had been allotted to me at the Raj Bhavan. Thus, my school Principal and the authorities had been very kind and made the necessary adjustments. While the others would begin their exam at 9:30a.m, I was in school at 7:45 because my paper would begin at 8:00a.m. I sat in the Principal's office to write that paper!

What a day it was! And totally worth it! It was a wonderful experience in the Raj Bhavan and I still have the pictures which I cherish. However, I am not allowed to share them publicly!
This morning when I woke up and read this article in The Times of India, I was genuinely elated for all the students who would be allowed this opportunity, now.

For all those who will soon step foot on the premises of His Excellency Governor of West Bengal:
You're in for a wonderful time, some cute surprises and a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

The link to the article is as follows:

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Google it!

No matter, how much of a multi-tasker you are, there comes a time in everyone's life when they have nothing to do. I had one such DAY, today. I am in the middle of doing something and having nothing to do. I finished writing my exams last week and college resumes from tomorrow, I did a little productive work around the house in the morning and I'm waiting to step out for my Sunday outing. Thus on this Sunday afternoon and dusk period, I found a friend in Google. The results of my fun time with Google, is listed below.

When you type random words on the search bar, you'll see the following suggestions (not in order):

  • When:
 When will I die: Yes, that's the first suggestion, imagine how many people are Googling what they fear the most!
When is Father's day: Imagine what would happen if your father is breathing down your neck, while you're Googling this!
When to take a pregnancy test: No comments!

  • How:
How to kiss: I think, the underaged are behind this one. Again, this is the first suggestion!
How to hack a Facebook account: Evil minds at work.
How to make a bomb: The flip side of Google.

  • What:
What is love: My head bows to the one who brings himself to the computer screen to search for this piece of 'information.'
What is my IP: Valid question. When I was explained about IP Addresses, the person said its like the telephone number of your computer!
What is marketing: I remember learning six different definitions in Business Studies, in school.

  • Where:
Where the mind is without fear: Imagine Mamata Banerjee's happiness when she sees this is the first suggestion!
Where do you go lyrics: It reminds me of the times, when we were in middle school and used to copy lyrics of songs, with greater speed than we had for writing notes!
Where is doc: I don't know why someone would ask Google, this question.

  • Who
Who's the cutest: Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all- OLD
                              Google Google, in the webworld, who is the cutest of them all- NEW
Wholesale price index: Getting down to economics.
Who is Nirmal Baba: No comments!
  • Why:
Why is the sky blue: Again, the underaged are gaining ground!
Why this kolaveri di: Well, it was trending globally. Here's, proof of it.
Why2sms: Ask yourself! If you're looking for the free sms site, its called way2sms!

Feel free to add to this list!!