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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Google it!

No matter, how much of a multi-tasker you are, there comes a time in everyone's life when they have nothing to do. I had one such DAY, today. I am in the middle of doing something and having nothing to do. I finished writing my exams last week and college resumes from tomorrow, I did a little productive work around the house in the morning and I'm waiting to step out for my Sunday outing. Thus on this Sunday afternoon and dusk period, I found a friend in Google. The results of my fun time with Google, is listed below.

When you type random words on the search bar, you'll see the following suggestions (not in order):

  • When:
 When will I die: Yes, that's the first suggestion, imagine how many people are Googling what they fear the most!
When is Father's day: Imagine what would happen if your father is breathing down your neck, while you're Googling this!
When to take a pregnancy test: No comments!

  • How:
How to kiss: I think, the underaged are behind this one. Again, this is the first suggestion!
How to hack a Facebook account: Evil minds at work.
How to make a bomb: The flip side of Google.

  • What:
What is love: My head bows to the one who brings himself to the computer screen to search for this piece of 'information.'
What is my IP: Valid question. When I was explained about IP Addresses, the person said its like the telephone number of your computer!
What is marketing: I remember learning six different definitions in Business Studies, in school.

  • Where:
Where the mind is without fear: Imagine Mamata Banerjee's happiness when she sees this is the first suggestion!
Where do you go lyrics: It reminds me of the times, when we were in middle school and used to copy lyrics of songs, with greater speed than we had for writing notes!
Where is doc: I don't know why someone would ask Google, this question.

  • Who
Who's the cutest: Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all- OLD
                              Google Google, in the webworld, who is the cutest of them all- NEW
Wholesale price index: Getting down to economics.
Who is Nirmal Baba: No comments!
  • Why:
Why is the sky blue: Again, the underaged are gaining ground!
Why this kolaveri di: Well, it was trending globally. Here's, proof of it.
Why2sms: Ask yourself! If you're looking for the free sms site, its called way2sms!

Feel free to add to this list!!


  1. Good one! ;) Like the concept but you didn't leave any words for me to try! :P

    1. I have suggestions! Try typing letters and wait to see the suggestions that pop-up. For eg, since time immemorial, 'ebay' is the first option when u type "e" in the search bar.