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Friday, 30 September 2011

Clay turns creative!

If you're a Calcuttan, or even remotely related to the City of Joy, you know what Durga Puja means. Its a spirit of celebration that overshadows all other festivals! The whole city is in a mode of rejuvenation and rejoicing the homecoming of Goddess Durga. According to mythological studies, Ma Durga is said to descend to Earth during this time of the year, and she chooses her maternal home- Calcutta. She arrives with all her four children, and brings along merriment, joy, splendor, glamour and everything else that a festival can possibly bring to a region!
Two days ahead of this Bengali festival, here's unveiling the Run-up-for-Durga Puja. The Goddess in making- her eyes change expressively and animatedly through the process of the making of the idol, her worship and conclusively, just as she is immersed at the end of the festivity.
Trying to capture these splendidly divine moments in a memory-chip!

The magnificent eyes

The hand that shapes the hand

Minute details 

Tinctures and Colours!

Just clay

Her lion in making

Mahishasur- the devil.
Its fascinating how the same hands give shape to the Divine and the Devil

Half-way through

Her Children.

The hand,er, Face behind it all!

Heads in a row

Eyes are a brush stroke away!

Silver hair brings experience to excel with the Golden paint!

Friday, 16 September 2011

It's a Kodak Moment!

This was the tag-line for Kodak the banner under which some very excellent cameras were manufactured!
Kodak goes back to several years from now, probably since the time the camera became a compact object to click pictures with! The line caught up so well with people that almost every touching, heart warming and emotionally charged moment began to be called The Kodak Moment. Little notice was paid that down the years, as competition in the market reached its all-time high, sometimes a Canon or a Nikon was used to capture what was lovingly called Kodak Moment.
The phrase has some funny memories for some people as their near and dear ones use it in a mocking way, as if to pull someone's leg. Some people use it when their hearts are really overflowing with emotions. There are yet others who mouth this famous line when they're hanging around with their peers and a typically moment must be captured!
A fight over a serving of sizzling brownies,an hour of a cricket match and the nail-biting session that is ensued, a moment of pulling someone's leg, a minute before taking off on a trip,  a dazed look in class after a sleepless night, a second after clearing an interview, an expression while seeing your mark sheet,- these are the Kodak Moments of life. Big and Small.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Why start at the start?

While browsing through the notebooks and diaries section in a bookstore, it struck to me as to why we have diaries which start either in the month of January or in the month of April.  As my mind juggled these thoughts, I added to the content as I pictured my School Diary in mind. Why is it that diaries beginning on any other month are not available on stands? Can someone start a new business, a new venture, a job, a manual, only in the beginning of- either the calendar, or the financial year? 
It is understandable that the diaries are not available from the start of every month, containing pages that make room for one complete year. This would cause losses because of poor sales. But other fields of life could be taken into consideration- like the school session begins in April( though there are diaries available of this period but those are tailored for the financial world and often students adjust with it) College sessions begin in July and even though a daily record of homework need not be maintained but is a diary meant for that alone?

Have any of you heard of diaries which do not start at the start?

Monday, 5 September 2011

Buttering it up!

While I was just idly "Googl-ing" images I came across an Amul Butter ad. 

It's an interesting copy. It says a lot in one-line. Coming across this particularly appealing ad, I did a little research on the ad-campaign and found out its been on for 46 years!.The campaign has even attained a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for "The longest running ad  Campaign in the world."
In India, Amul's ads of this kind have been very popular as they are witty and wise. They just perform the task of informing and that mere communication leaves an impact. This, according to me, is a better strategy rather than to bore the audience with the benefits and advantages of the  butter. Amul has its self-defined audience, and this works to their advantage as it allows them to go two steps beyond the ordinary.

I think DaCunha Associates, Amul's advertising agency struck the right chord and is sustaining it well.
It is a time tested approach and has guaranteed public response. What do you think about this kind of an advertising campaign?