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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Why start at the start?

While browsing through the notebooks and diaries section in a bookstore, it struck to me as to why we have diaries which start either in the month of January or in the month of April.  As my mind juggled these thoughts, I added to the content as I pictured my School Diary in mind. Why is it that diaries beginning on any other month are not available on stands? Can someone start a new business, a new venture, a job, a manual, only in the beginning of- either the calendar, or the financial year? 
It is understandable that the diaries are not available from the start of every month, containing pages that make room for one complete year. This would cause losses because of poor sales. But other fields of life could be taken into consideration- like the school session begins in April( though there are diaries available of this period but those are tailored for the financial world and often students adjust with it) College sessions begin in July and even though a daily record of homework need not be maintained but is a diary meant for that alone?

Have any of you heard of diaries which do not start at the start?

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