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Friday, 16 September 2011

It's a Kodak Moment!

This was the tag-line for Kodak the banner under which some very excellent cameras were manufactured!
Kodak goes back to several years from now, probably since the time the camera became a compact object to click pictures with! The line caught up so well with people that almost every touching, heart warming and emotionally charged moment began to be called The Kodak Moment. Little notice was paid that down the years, as competition in the market reached its all-time high, sometimes a Canon or a Nikon was used to capture what was lovingly called Kodak Moment.
The phrase has some funny memories for some people as their near and dear ones use it in a mocking way, as if to pull someone's leg. Some people use it when their hearts are really overflowing with emotions. There are yet others who mouth this famous line when they're hanging around with their peers and a typically moment must be captured!
A fight over a serving of sizzling brownies,an hour of a cricket match and the nail-biting session that is ensued, a moment of pulling someone's leg, a minute before taking off on a trip,  a dazed look in class after a sleepless night, a second after clearing an interview, an expression while seeing your mark sheet,- these are the Kodak Moments of life. Big and Small.


  1. any moments with loved ones is a kodak moment! :)
    moments filled with irony n surprise also make good snaps! like the other day, i saw a beggar reading out from an English newspaper! i know it's probably wrong to call him a beggar then, but that is how he was dressed. i wish i had clicked it and just kept wondering how weird the whole scene was!

  2. Aayushmaan Narsaria5 October 2011 at 00:38

    The last paragraph is simply awesome. Yes from a photographers point of view these are the perfect moments that we miss out on capturing. However, isnt it better to have these moments etched in our memories rather than on paper? There is a reason why the term "golden moments" was popped!