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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Talking Aloud

There was a time when I had abandoned my Facebook account because the then Newsfeed page was dull and drab. I mean, what had I to do with people voicing their every action and move. Today, somehow I've found myself in the same shoes and I know what it means to post a status, photo or comment on social media.
While marketeers, sellers and promoters use this as a medium to achieve their goal, it is not Lord alone who knows the other powers of this seemingly simple thing!
We, especially girls, get some thrill out of posting a line: either to foretell or forgive, either to predict or preach, to acknowledge or announce.
This, I realized after my repeated change of WhatsApp statuses. You anticipate who's reading it, seeing it and if you're a thinking person you take the liberty to go that extra mile and even assume their reactions. I, for one, can build a whole cause and effect reaction in my mind, based on one status alone. Its funny what those restricted number of characters can do and the ruckus(or pleasure!) they can cause.

Whether or not this is right is another story but an honest acknowledgement is that, I do it. I spend hours to go through others' statuses and days to think up of a witty line for my own account! That's what it is, as sad as it sounds: A majority of us refrain from saying things on the face, and drop hints on statuses and change our profile pictures often to set start a roller coaster of emotions!

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