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Thursday, 4 October 2012

A calorie filled future!

A recently developed habit of mine is to think of my future, when I'm left alone. Either when I'm walking home, or when I'm ready to sleep or when a boring class is on with a strict teacher who won't tolerate whispers: my mind takes the liberty to fast-forward into the future and take a sneek peak. I like to believe that this is what will happen. Even though, I've seen myself in different scenes for the same situation!
One of the scenes which played on my mind was, I was in a foreign land(It should be either Singapore or USA!) and I had a respectable job and more importantly a decent car.
As I was driving around from some friend's place to a TJ Maxx, I visualized myself sipping Coke from a can. For a Coke lover like me, this is a blissful day dream. I stepped out made my purchases at the store and as I approached my car again, I opened my trunk and pulled out another couple of cans that could last me until the next destination! The trunk of my car was loaded with crates of Coke cans and the back seat was stuffed with nachos & Doritos & cho-cho sticks!
The dream was more about food than about the office I worked in, the work I did or even the city in which I lived!
But that's the fun of dreaming, I guess!

Snuggling into my quilt for another dream, as the skies have been grateful today and blessed us with pleasant weather

Kudos to more Coke filled dreams!

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  1. You have coke in your dreams too! I'm sure you bless the soul who made Coke daily! ;)