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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Apple World

As time passed by over the last few days, morning turned into night and then again to a bright, sometimes cloudy, morning; I found myself multi-tasking more than ever. It felt tiring and strenuous at that time, but now when I look back I have a sly smile. Honestly, if you've ever been loaded with work and later, been blessed to be relieved off most of the load then you know what I mean!

Through these unusually long days, I found respite in the wonderful App Store, on my iPhone 3GS. Some of the applications have blessed my phone for long now but it's just now that I am grateful. Hence, I decided to put together this list and it shows that everytime you're on the phone you're not necessarily texting someone! There's so much more to do:

  • My Wonderful Days: A wonderful application, in the truest sense. It is essentially a daily diary app. But it doesn't end at that. You can add a daily picture of any moment which defines your 24 hours, two symbols to ear-mark the weather and additionally, the app is password locked for privacy!

  • Project 365:  A yearbook of sorts, this app helps you maintain a photo-book throughout the year. To summarize each day in a picture is somewhat difficult. But the good part is, ever since I've downloaded this app I click pictures of random things: from momos that I eat to the books I read! At the end of the day, I sit down to pick and choose which one classifies to my Project 365.

  • Zomato: A fantabulous app which is super handy to pick a place to eat. Meant for all foodies!

  • Grateful: Even though I feel each app is the best, I think this one is truly exceptional. I plant sunflowers of gratefulness! Each time I'm grateful about the slightest thing, I plant a seed and watch the plant grow, bloom and shine. Moreover, the app reminds me five times in a day that I'm supposed to be grateful. Believe it or not, the reminder comes just at the time I need it!

Explore your phone and enjoy it, relish technology at its best!

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