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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Laziness comes at a price

It is almost 12 hours past the middle of the week and I'm still paying a price for a lazy weekend.
On Sunday, the lazy bug bit me and acting quite unlike myself I bathed at 4:30p.m. That was not the end of it! I feasted on a huge bowl of ice-cream for dinner. Yes, you read that right: I had just ice - cream for dinner. It was the 'only' course of my meal!
Today, three days past my fateful lazy mood swing, I am repenting it. Lying in bed since yesterday with mild fever and a terrible cold, I am regretting my carelessness.
When you're sick and your brain screams out for a break, that's exactly when you make a mental list of things to do. More often than not, it's an unnecessarily prolonged list. Things which were pending for several weeks pound on your head with seeming urgency, things which can genuinely be postponed until tomorrow,seem to make their way to your priority list.

I am no exception to this human rule. As I am tossing from side to side in my bed, I feel the unbeatable urge to browse the iPhone AppStore. Now beat that! What's urgent in this? I've downloaded 18 applications between yesterday and today. I've downloaded random things: from Expense Manager to Tetris Mania, Audiobooks to something called Magic Coke Bottle! All of this, when my mind calls out for some rest and relaxation.
Unfortunately, my head wins only half the battle because I manage to get into bed, tuck myself into my pink blanket but just as I was drifting into a slumber: Ping! I realized I had a post to write on Blogger!

Sleeping until the next urge rises.....

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