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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Meredith Grey

Yesterday she said, "I keep hitting myself wit a hammer because it feels so good when i stop".
Today, before she went away she reminded me that, "Once in a while someone will take your breath away."

She is Meredith Grey. From the not-so-famed Grey's Anatomy. I have a fetish for watching the idiot box from 10:00pm to 11:00pm. It just seems a little less idiotic to me at this time. From Castle and White Collar, I've now gotten tuned to Grey's Anatomy.
She is an interning doctor at Seattle Grace Hospital and as I go through the less than 60 mintues of her life everyday, I smile silently.

What I love so much about her? Well, I'm not in Med school so not that I want to grow up and be Meredith. Just that the voiceovers slated for her in the show are exquisite, heart warming, reassuring and simply, splendid!
The voiceovers are beautifully worded and if it isn't considered my biasness to the world on the western side of the Earth, then I'd have to say I score the wordings of Meredith's voiceovers a little over Amitabh Bachchan's rhymes in KBC.

There are somethings to which your heart atunes almost immediately. Look for those things, enjoy it!

As I look back on my day, my personal voiceover for myself:

Wherever I go, Joy follows!

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  1. The idiot box really seems less idiotic from 10 to 11! :P I like the show :) Just can't handle the parts where they show the ongoing medical procedures ;)