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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Wallet Worries

A few days into my month-long vacation from college classes and teaching classes, I'm still absorbing the calmness of it all. I wake up in the morning and laze until breakfast and thereafter too! 
I had an amazing revelation yesterday: about having to carry or not carry wallets. We, 20-something year olds enjoy the privilege of going out with our parents without having to carry our wallets on us. 

This thought was not purely monetary. It's the whole feeling of carrying a wallet when you're out with your friends or even out alone. If you're absolutely sure you won't need money to pay anywhere or anyone, there's a little clump of grey cell which will scream out in your head: "Carry it!". Then, once you're out you're scared you'll lose it ( at least I am!) I check my bag for my grey piece of leather every time I step off public transport. I check the contents of my wallet as often as I find myself sitting alone somewhere, without a crowd prying over me, because I am also scared that people will see the money I have and take it away!
The fear, checking and cross-checking  goes on in a continuous cycle until I get home.

But such is not the case, when we have our parents by our side. Not only is the fear gone but the whole purpose of carrying the wallet is lost. Even the thought of assisting them with loose change is not encouraging enough. Its just this care-free attitude which overpowers and takes charge and on and off I find myself walking up to my father saying, "Papa can you give me ten rupees, I want to buy chips." 

Do you feel the same? 

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