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Friday, 23 November 2012

Kasab Closure

A day after Kasab's execution, reading all the news articles on the 'incident' and discussing the topic with friends; I thought back on that dreadful November when it all happened. I had become extremely emotional and all that mattered through those long hours was the 24x7 news updates on TV. I had written out a letter and a poem and carried out a long public campaign around it. I got signatures from my school and we formed groups and sent in this letter and poem to each newspaper in the city and I also e-mailed it to the then Governor of Kolkata. Those were the days of hyper-activity around such events. The poem goes.....


They say what YOU do is always for the good
But what happened in Mumbai can't be understood
YOU created a million humans who looked the same
But YOU made 1 big mistake and it's a shame!
YOU allowed them to adopt different paths to thank you
Now, in that name, they fight and argue.
These arguments have now taken a violent turn
They don't hesitate to kill, slash, hit and burn

They say when something goes wrong YOU send an angel to set it right
In this darkness, I see no light
No, I haven't lost a close relative or even a mere acquaintance
But yet there are reasons for which I'm upset- humanity, for instance!

They say people die when they are destined to-
The trainee chef was just 22
A Mr. X was on a holiday with his family, relaxing in the hotel room
When she left for work in the morning,
                 the receptionist didn't know her life would end so soon.

They say people die, because YOU choose their soul,
They also say YOU have a heart of gold
But today, I think quite otherwise
YOU'RE probably lazy, even if YOU'RE wise
YOU'RE selfish I feel,
From a 6 month baby, his mother YOU did steal.
On his birthday, he's left as an orphan!

They say whatever happens, YOU'LL take care
What's happening right now is worse than a nightmare!
Dear GOD, send us an intelligent brain,
A little bit of conscience and a sense of shame,
Send in YOUR angel or YOU be the Saviour yourself
Dear GOD, do something,

Warm regards,                                                                  

Today, I seem to myself as character out of a typical Hindi blockbuster. I started out with this excessive feeling of nationalism and justice. Now, I am a person who is itching to get out of the country because I've taken it for granted that nothing here, will change!


  1. got here while working on an adv asst and couldn't stop reading all other articles :) you have a lot of interesting things to say :)