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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Kaun Banega Crorepati

It was one of its kind when it was introduced to Indian television and I think even today it has a place of its own as far as the small screen is concerned.
But for me, personally, it has lost the charm it once had. Somehow it doesn't feel the same. Probably because Ekta Kapoor's serials and the multiple scams in the Indian government, have demeaned the value of a crore. Even though I have nothing against Shahrukh Khan, but I didn't like the controversy that surrounded around him taking over a few seasons of the show intermediating Amitabh Bachan's prorogative to it! The changing rules of the show itself, have changed. Basically, I am not appealed by Kaun Banega Crorepati anymore.
Anyway, I felt a renewed sense of excitement for this show when I saw the trailers of this season being aired. The way Big B comes on makes it sound so real. His lines are very well worded and the thought that goes behind each of those promotional videos is commendable!
For friends he says exactly the lines we use, and what's more is his tone and style is quite close to what really is used by us all. For ladies also, the line that says "Mihir fir se mar gaya" is my favourite.
Nice idea and well conceptualised. I think it is meaningful and it hits the target because everyone relates with it at some point or the other!


  1. The ads appealed to me also! But the question is, will the new season appeal too?

  2. More viewership might not be attained but atleast more people will call on the number to register, I think!