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Saturday, 26 May 2012


Surfing the internet for me is not always Facebook Chat and GTalk. I like to browse through Google a lot, and even though friends have asked me several times how I chance upon some specific information, I never have an answer because one thing leads to the other and another and another and I keep finding things I'd never known, but would have loved to know!
The following link is one such thing that I thought I must share. It is stale news for people who already know about it, but my guess is most of us don't. It is not revolutionary, not breathtaking; just plainly interesting.

Hope you like it!

The whole idea of Facebook is unique and intriguing and now with the social networking site going public on NASDAQ, it won't be long before young adults will be trading in Facebook shares. After all, it is so cool to own shares of your favourite website.
People maybe putting up pictures of their 18th birthday on their wall, and behind the scenes, they might be shareholders of Facebook.

Your right over the site goes a little beyond your own wall!

Kudos to whoever coined the phrase: THINK BIG!


  1. Me too! So much for painting!:D

  2. Nice one! Seriously, how do you come across these articles?! :D