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Friday, 25 May 2012

Forced hibernation

About a month ago, the internet connection I have in my house went off, and with it went my landline phone as well, because both the services were covered under one connection.
This was around the time when Kolkata was 'enjoying' regular thunderstorms and apparently in the breeze, the precious wires snapped and the connectivity was lost. Allowing nature so much control over us, we made amends with the situation, and after complaining to our service provider waited with patience for the services to be restored.
Alas! All this time has passed, the weather in the city has changed, the Sun God has shown face after those storms but it is oh! so difficult for the telecom company to send their personnel to fix the lines.
I went to their office to complain ( Note: Office, not outlet) but their replies were indifferent and callous. So much so, that when I threatened to surrender my connection, the gentleman replied in a nonchalant "Ok"!
And that is what we ultimately had to do.
So now Mentalfloss makes a refreshed start, not that my writing will change with a change in the company renderring its services, but unfortunately Reliance (my old service provider) did not live up to its name and caused me great distress and so much has passed within this time that one regular sized post is insufficient!

I have started my own business, a flower boutique, with my mother as partner, I've called it FloraDeli. We've sent out several orders and the bright little flowers have genuinely added colour and activity to my life. My favourite project was the one taken up for Ritu Kumar's signature store opening in Woodburn Court and my favourite piece is a bouquet made of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates alone! If I had the privilege of writing while all this was happening I could've shared my feelings at length, but now as time has passed, these moments have settled down and the experiences have lost their new and exciting flavour.
(Advertorial: !

Castle Season 4 is airing in India now and it was as if Star World were tempting us at first when they started with once-a-week telecast every Wednesday, and recently they've allowed the detectives to rule our screen through the week! Kate's hair is a different shade, but apart from that there aren't any changes. After all, how can one alter perfectionism!

I attended and volunteered for an American Center program called 'The Real Americans' featuring Dan Hoyle. It was a monologuist performance but yet so holistic. Dan, is an intelligent man and fun loving ( I got to spend some time off the show with him) and it was interesting to see his observation skills at work. It is always fun to see an artist's performance and then accompany him on his research it always gives us a deeper insight into what goes behind the 60 seconds act, about which we pass a judgement, almost unthinkingly! Commendable program, it was truly entertaining!

Vicky Donor was released and even though I didn't catch it in the theatre, I loved it when I saw it at home. A totally fresh plot. A storyline that hasn't been copied, and so far, not pasted! An amazing line of thought and quite overwhelmingly realistic. Neither of the protagonists are perfect and nor is their story laced with violins and white horses. An entertainer packed with awesome songs, as well as endowed with a moral lesson! Awesome!

Harley Davidson has come to Kolkata and I loved the pictures that featured in the next day's papers. What a feast for the eyes!
At Princep Ghat

The Kolkata store

There were myriad things that I had in mind but memory has failed me because it is at the spur of the moment that one wishes to write and for me, if the urge is not fulfilled it is lost.
Though many people (including my elder brother) felt that whether a fixed line internet connection or no, life should go on as usual, I disagree strongly. No one told me to make do WITHOUT the internet, but there are several ways of making your way through. For example, using the phone. However, in my opinion, to say the least, it is tough to blog or browse through the phone. Ask someone who does not have easy access to the computer and you'll know!
Today as I go to bed, I shall pray:

Thank you God for the world so sweet
Thank you God for the food we eat
Thank you God for the birds that sing
Thank you God for everything!
P.S: Thank you God for the internet services you've bestowed us with!
Thank your stars, you're lucky if you're comfortably reading this:)

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  1. Finally you are back! And in what style! ;)
    And I thought life was boring! Look at yours! So much to share, so much to write about ... :)
    Keep writing! :)