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Sunday, 22 April 2012

From Sooooooouuuunnnnnd to song

MTV India is known for its out-of-the-box ideas in TV shows. They are the trend setters and there's no doubt that they have a niche, loyal and loving viewership.
Just as my interest in the idiot box was dwindling, MTV India launched Sound Trippin'.
And whoa! TV viewing for me took a turn for the good.I was impressed by the trailers for this particular show and it defined the word 'difference'. In this age of reality shows and behind the scenes shots, this show stands tall.
The anchor
Its about the journey from sound to song. Sneha Khanwalkar, the anchor is seen travelling to various parts of the country and she records sound bytes to make a song out of it, for each region.

The show brings to light, the fact that each place has its own identity and so far the visual images were cashed in by the producers. So much so that, the visual imagery has reached a point of saturation. Typical of the MTV think-tank they brought out a strategy which is truly run-off-the-mill and here we have this young lady going to beautiful places and recording sounds. Sounds that we like, we've heard before, ignored before, taken for granted and sometimes even considered them as 'noises', this show turns all of that into a beautiful song.
The show is very well planned and even though they use latest technology typical to the musical field, their working is transparent and one can tell exactly how the sound bytes are distinct from one another.
On seeing the work that goes behind it we realize how much hardwork goes into the songs that music directors compose, those that we download for free from the internet or casually listen to their creations on the radio while juggling between a couple of routine tasks.

The 'noise' of the heavy vehicle is recorded for a song!

My favourite sound clip: water drop
 A beautiful concept, beautiful show.It sure does leave a mark! Kudos to MTV!

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