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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Traffic jam in the highway of the mind

Its ironical that I am posting this on my blog which is also part of the online networking circuit, but I guess its all about knowing your limits, drawing the line somewhere and not to over-do things!

Hats off to the people who update their statuses (On Facebook, BBM orWhatsApp; and sometimes all of these!) when they sleep in for 15 more minutes than usual, when they enjoy the weather: they express their joy by typing a new status, when they enter a mall or a movie they check-in as if Facebook were a hostel matron!
This article printed in The Telegraph, Kolkata today is meant for all those whose brain cells are excessively greased with information: useful and useless, necessary and unnecessary, righ and wrong: all the same, they clutter our minds and its best you clear the Recycle Bin in your teeny-weeny sized brain, before its too late!

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