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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Answer Sheets in Exams

For all students in India this is a crucial time of the year. While Board examinees await their results and then struggle for admissions, their juniors are busy adjusting into new classes. For us, college students exams are either are underway. I am no exception to this law of the land and my Part II exams in Communicative English, have begun today.

I have my Majors paper first each of which are four hours long. For me atleast, these papers are easy and the time is always excess. (The electives are invariably tougher and that's when I feel I had a LITTLE more time.So, its not like I'm a genius and a robot who can excel in everything!) With almost two year's experience of writing seemingly easy papers comfortably in four hours, I have developed the habit of dreaming while writing these exams. Yes, I dream while writing an exam.

I don't think that's much of an anomaly in my stream of studies because the more we dream the more we can ideate and hence, the better the reports, articles and stories! As long as my mind promises to come back in due time, I don't mind its wandering off to another land during these few hours when no one is a llowed to talk to you, no one except the invigilator will check on you, your phone is switched off. Basically, they are hours, you can spend entirely by yourself and unless you keep a little track of time and write out all the answers, its a good feeling!

Anyway, on one of these expeditions that my mind took while writing today's paper I thought to myself of a rule that should be initiated by the Univeristy. Each student should be allowed to write a note to the examiner before beginning the paper. A personal note about myself, how I write, my style of writing and my knowledge and comprehensive capabilities.

What would I write? Here goes......

Dear Teacher,
  1. Please note that I am writing this paper on a bright, sunny, sultry, humid morning. It is difficult to sustain without water and I am sweating profusely because the air circulated by the ceiling fan actually has no effect. Hence, pardon me if the answer script is sodden with a few drops of water here and there.  I want you to know that, that won't be carelessness on my part,
  2. I have studied attentively for this exam and put in considerable effort in the preparations. However, now when I see the topic of the report I feel a little lost as it isn't something I am comfortable with: old age homes. It makes me emotional and hence I would've liked to refrain from writing on this topic for an exam.
  3. However, I am confident of the other answers and I am quite intrigued by the comprehension passage, about quintuplets. I will go back home and Google it, because I want to know if it is true.
  4. As for my writing style, please note that I begin a paragraph from the margin, but if the last sentence of the previous paragraph ends quite towards the right side; I like to leave two finger gap if my next line is a new paragraph.
  5. I will try my best to write the paper well so as to make it easier for you to check.
  6. With all due respect, I request you to drink a little water and have a snack before you start checking my paper. Not that I will give you a tough time, but I just wish you to be in a congenial mood.
  7. Lastly, please dont over-stress your red pen!
(We are not allowed to write our names anywhere on the answer sheet which is why our names become a string of letters, without an affidavit!)

What would your letter to your examiner be?

P.S: For those who have a not-so-strong sense of humour, I do not intend this to be really incorporated. It is merely the product of my imagination!

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