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Monday, 11 June 2012

World Wide Web

To make clear the variety of information available on the internet, I see no need to write a thesis or even an essay. One needs to as much as sit on Google and type randomly, and the results will show up. If you make a mistake in spelling, the search engine has suggestions! Solutions are unending and results go on upto several pages.
In several such instances of searching the world wide web, I have come across several websites and I thought I  could provide a concise catalogue of my favourites!

  • Authored by Jim Harmer, this website is an all-in-one guide for a photographer. From breaking myths about the art of photography, providing tips and suggesting the best ways of clicking from the perfect angle; this site provides exceptional help! It ranges high on my list of favourites and their newsletter just makes life easier for the photographer in you!

  •  Their slogan, 'bridal inspirations', says it all for their content! A soothing look of the webpage provides an assurance of their subtle tastes and if you hate gaudy, you love stylemepretty! Even though their services aren't available in India, this specific website rekindles the part of me that wants to be a wedding planner one day.If that dream comes true, my inspiration would surely stem from them.

  • I did not chance upon this one, this was suggested by an aunt. A mouth-watering site, to say the least! They genuinely have commendable ideas!

  • It is a promising and an innovative site, even though there is a small 'Coming Soon' below.

The search for innovativeness continues........

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