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Monday, 24 December 2012

The many meanings of Sex

I am a 22- year old girl, and like most other girls my age I am struggling on several counts as I stand on this threshold between adolescence and adulthood.
The idea of sex (and I refuse to replace the word with s**) was barely becoming clear in my head, and almost out of the blue I've been thrown into the world of harsh realities from the world of Mills & Boons. So sensitive we were, that we even talked about the story book 'scenes' in hushed tones and changed the topic when our parents walked into the room. Adult jokes, might be a 'laugh-out-loud' for the boys, but our cheeks just changed colors and displayed the various shades of red: ranging from pink to crimson!

Fast track to the heated discussion over the Delhi gang-rape case. What was considered a highly emotional, lovable and affectionate part of human life for so long, has morphed itself into a gruesome act. What goes over the men that they go to such and such extents. Ever since the Delhi case has surfaced, reading the newspaper has proved to be difficult and instead of looking for it first things in the morning, people in my house are avoiding it first thing in the morning. Just yesterday, there was news of a man at a Child Day Care Center raping a 3-year old! Just when were the pinky-pinky love stories robbed of their innocence? If babies, a product of the sexual intercourse are considered the gift of God, what makes the man rape a baby of three! Maybe evil and devil are adjectives insufficient for their pitiable state of character.

A heated discussion in my classroom in college lead the teacher to seek solutions from us, and I said to myself: IT IS TIME TO REALLY GROW UP, NOW!

(Today, most of all days, I am grateful for this gift called Blog because on no other platforms where I can write would I have been able to express myself so unabashedly without having to explain myself or wear a silhouette on my words)

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