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Saturday, 22 December 2012

The world will not end, it will not change!

When I received a message about candle light vigils to protest against the Delhi rape case, I smirked saying its on the 22nd and the world is supposed to end on the 21st December, so who's going to survive for it! No, I didn't really believe that the world was going to end on 21st. After all, I prepared for my Environmental Studies exam scheduled for today, (It doesn't get more ironical than this! To write an EVS exam after the world was supposed to end) but as far as standing up for women's rights was concerned I wasn't willing to step out for it.

Even today, I sat and before the television flipping news channels and checked updates on Twitter, but the passivity reached its peak just now: My friend messaged saying she was at the candle light vigil at Esplanade, and the crowd was massive. Not for once did I feel I should've been there. Why this passivity? Why wasn't I bothered enough?

I didn't believe that the world was ending yesterday, and I also didn't believe that anything in the world would CHANGE. 

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