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Sunday, 19 August 2012


As I'm typing the title to this post, the first thing that comes to my mind is probably what will hover above your head too, when you see this post.
PING! is a word which has become common in the Blackberry world. When someone pings you, and your BB is lying on the dinner table, everyone can figure that your phone is buzzing. If it Pings in your bag, the bag might just slide down your arm. If it Pings as you're standing in your Principal's office, then Oh! God save you!
Basically, a Ping on Blackberry is like your morning alarm clock, only this time it's set by your friends. Ping has now become a trend, and if you talk of trends in the Blackberry world, they're aplenty! The emoticons available to all Blackberrians might just force English scholars to change the saying from 'A picture speaks a thousand words' to 'An emoticon speaks a hundred words'. Their emoticons are so popular that people have started implying them even in their actions and the most confused one is the 'talk-to-the-hand' sign. As one of my friends showed her hand to another buddy, the latter confused it for a high-five!

Anyway to come back to the subject matter, have you ever thought of the Ping moments in your daily life?
I define Ping moments as those that throw you up from your relaxed, reclined state of being and thrust you into the present moment, as much physically as mentally. Here's a list of the Ping moments which abound my life:

  • Sitting in the car, at a traffic signal. One minute you are restless and are counting the seconds with the automated timer displaying the time left. The next minute, your attention is caught by an interesting Billboard and you're so engrossed in reading the fine print that you lose track of time. Ping! The cars behind you are blaring!

  • Again, at the traffic signal. You are walking casually, reading something on your phone when you're approaching a crossing and suddenly you notice that the lights are clear for you to cross. Ping! The phone loses your attention and you rush past the zebra line.

  • Walking in a queue. The queue is really long and you're scared you'll get late. Suddenly, it starts moving fast all of a sudden. Ping! Just then the man infront of you decides to bend to tie his shoe-lace!

  • In a class-room. Your friend is caught texting on the phone. You first pull out yours to ensure its on Silent. And then you smile a sarcastic smile. Ping! Your alarm from last afternoon's nap rings.

  • In an exam hall. You enter. You begin writing. You know the answers. However, you also know its a lengthy paper. You check your watch, happy that you'd worn it. Over 90 minutes left. You get engrossed in writing and when you check your watch again it is satisfies you that you'd written all that in 40 minutes. 50 minutes and two questions left. You decide to take it easy now. Ping! The bell announces 15 minutes left! You double check you watch. It had stopped working! Sad that you'd worn it!

If it were smooth, it wouldn't be Life. Enjoy the Ping moments because without them, you'd run out of conversations, you'd have a constant emotion and expression and lastly, even if this sounds monotonous: you cannot enjoy the high points of your life until you know the other side of the valley!

What are your Ping moments?

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