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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Thank you God, for electricity

This morning I read in the papers about the electricity crisis in the northern parts of the country. Read. Felt sorry. And passively flipped the page to the Olympics' news stories. A few hours thereafter, after blazing the sweltering heat on my way back home from college, I entered home to a 'poweless' house.(The pun is deliberate!)

At 3p.m the electricity in our city let us down and chose not to come back until 8! This was the tale in my house. Each house in separate localities had its own allowances or disruptures!

Nonetheless, the point of this post is that I realized the life saving characteristic of electricity. It virtually gives life to us in today's age!
The complaints I heard invariably started from "My phone's battery is miserably low!"and went on to "Now that we need the rain, the sky will decide to hold back.", "What if it doesn't come back until tomorrow morning? Will we not have water to bathe?", "How will the maid come tomorrow morning if the trains aren't plying?"
My own insight was; "This is 2012!"
A few seemingly super long hours later, the lights came back and as the primitive men had started worshipping Sun and Fire, attributing the natural forces the powers of God; maybe an addition to those should be the God of Electricity!

What was your experience of chit-chat in the evening shadows?

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