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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Kahaani: The mother of a story.

Yesterday was a rather very long day for me. I was out from 9am and stepped back home past 7 in the evening. I had no complaints because I like busy days. For me, it means that sleep will come easily and the sooner my eyes shut without getting caught in the trail of thoughts that run a rat race in my mind, the better(read: best) it is.
Nevertheless, as a results of a heavily packed day, I had no idea of the news: whether political upheavals or the earthquakes which have been unkind enough to 'visit' northern parts of our country much too often for anyone's liking.
It was not before the 9pm Newshour on Times NOW that I found out Mamata Banerjee's new 'stunt' of Mamatagiri.  And as I heard Arnab Goswami conduct the one hour show in the manner that he usually does,( I've never really found an adjective that describes it perfectly) I found out that Madam Chief Minister had expressed her disagreement to the Railway Budget that was presented by Dinesh Trivedi, an MP in power from the TMC party itself.

The discussions went on and I had this extreme urge to write on it but I didn't touch my laptop because my books were calling out to me: they just needed  my attention.
So, I decided to write this morning about the issue. After all, knowing Mamata Banerjee more time would mean more twists and more drama which would mean better writing matter.

Then, this morning my friend decided to take me to a morning show movie and I agreed. We set out to watch the 'mother of a story' and then! In the 120 minutes, I forgot all about Mamatadidi  because Bidya was far more fascinating.I forgot all about the problems and chaos that has befallen our state. I forgot that we are in the hands of a Government that is pointing finger at each other. I was amazed to see Vidya, aka, Bidya Bagchi; as she took it upon herself to find her way to justice instead of justice finding her.
On hindsight, I thought upon the last dialaogue that says Ma Durga comes to Earth and washes away all negativity. The reinforcement of that bit of information, made me think: Might we have Mid-term polls post Durga Puja this year?

Talking of the film, it's a must watch for every Kolkattan, and for every movie lover in general. The story is amazing and the cinematography is beyond description. The dialogues are amazing and a little humour here and there helps to lighten the mood. But just as you settle back in your chair, poof! the screen beckons.
The mysterious character of Bob Biswas was scary by my judgement and his way of saying Namashkar will make me think twice before I greet someone in the same manner. There are no interrupting songs in the film where they've taken you off to another location and you've forgotten what the previous scene was. However, that also means you get no time to step out for Coke and popcorn, except the interval!
Jokes apart, this flick needs no popcorn to keep you glued to your chair.
If books are page-turners, films are no-eye-blinkers. And this one surely falls in that category!

So, if you are disheartened by seeing the "Ides of March: Bengal 2012 Version", where Mamata plays Brutus and Dinesh, Caesar; book your tickets for this movie and you'll surely enjoy it.

Sorry, for a-not-so-good style of writing the film review. I always get less than 50% marks for writing a film-review in my exam!

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  1. i love it! :) The writing and presentation is very good! :) the Brutus and Caesar comparison even better :)

    Put a link on FB for this one for sure! ;)