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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Wishes are horses

For me, 2012 ended in an exciting way, partying with lots of friends I rang in the New Year bells and welcomed 2013. After all the mishappenings of the previous year: those that caused harm to me, and those that affected the human race in general, after all that grimness; I paused a minute and said to myself these lines:

This is it. It is my life and I live it the way I wish to. No one at all has the ability to run over my emotions and take me for a ride. That doesn't happen because I won't allow it. It is my life and I am the center of my Universe. I will wish it, and the blessings will come my way.

Whether or not you believe in The Secret theory, this worked for me.If I delve into the details of what I wished for I would have to share thoughts which are extremely personal. If I list out all the the Universe has blessed me with in the very first week of the year, I'd be giving out information that I'm not sure will be approved by those involved. Hence, I think it suffices to say that I am gradually getting what I want: from a new phone to an internship, new set of clothes to lots of time to read story books.
I sleep a happier person, I wake up with hope and I wish all day with all my heart.

If you're in the middle of a situation where the only colours you can see are shades of black and grey, it is my earnest advice to you to take a deep breath and say the above lines to yourself with complete belief and undying faith. It doesn't matter whether or not you believe in God or even which God you worship. You've just got to believe in yourself!

I am not sure what quote it is that links horses and wishes and I'm not even Googling it at this point.
Wishes can come true. Period.

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