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Sunday, 23 June 2013


Sometimes, life throws a situation on your face and you have no choice but, to suck it up and deal with it! In the beginning, you curse everything and everyone including Chance, Fate, Destiny  and Luck. Then, comes a point when you tell yourself good things about your own  existence. You find yourself in a dialogue with your own heart. 

People around may point fingers at you, call you names, accuse you of things and see all your deeds in a strange, black  light. 
However, what matters is how you rise up to it. You call yourself good names, think back on all your goodness and literally count the number of times you've been lucky in this lifetime, alone. That's where your healing process begins. With and within You.

In the last few years, I've faced some troubles of my own but I chose to maintain a lull period in such times, and not blog about it. Whether it was for want of secrecy or otherwise, I know not. But what I do know now, (and do believe) is that everyone's life moves in a wavy pattern. If you're currently on one of those lows, I recommend you follow Rhonda Byrne's advice from her book 'Magic' and count your blessings even during times of distress. Here's my list of happiness:

1. Because times are bad and I am doing the opposite of what I'd like, I am becoming a much stronger person.

2. Because my thought process loves to go hay-wire, I work much better after slight conscious effort put in for the love of my work. Work is practically the only thing I can focus on. 

3. Because I cannot go out with my friends and make merry, I am saving money for better times to come.

4. This one is cliched, but true: Because I have people by my side, I can tell friends from foes. 

5. Because I am going through shit now, I know that in the times to come, I will stand high and tall, if luck fails me again.

You may read a thousand quotes, hear a hundred pieces of advice to cheer you up  when you feel low. But no amount of reading and none of the advice will matter, until, you talk to yourself. Talk yourself out of distress. Talk yourself out of being in a spot. 

Because you live for Yourself.

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