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Monday, 25 November 2013

10 Years Later

In movies, and especially Bollywood movies, the story writers' favorite part would probably be to depict a shift in timeline. It is amazing how the shift depicts an overall transition of all things: from the upholstery in the lead actor's house to his personal car, his face suddenly becomes more lean, more handsome; his city of residence- more elegant and the world seems to have moved at the speed of 1/10th a light year in a blinking second.

I love such movies and I particularly love it when the text rolls by with Ranbir Kapoor in the frame. The way he walks: pea-sized tears rolling down his cheeks, his head raised towards heaven, hands in his pockets and his Oh! so manly stride. Just then the scene fades and Tada! there's the start of a new era in his life!

With these images in my head and the lyrics of the song Ilahi Mera Jiyae in my heart, I had left home a couple of months ago. Only, the transition was not as perfect, I was not clothed in a Ralph Lauren jacket and a pair of Gap jeans, I was not in a rosy garden with first, the snow falling behind me and then, the sun shining down brightly! No, none of that happened. It was a very slow, experience-filled (sometimes painful) process of transition, one in which every day, hour and minute taught me a great deal. Patience, tolerance, resilience and stress-control were just a few lessons which had begun. These lessons and more, are still far from completion of the course! I am still learning, still growing, still coping with the lessons of adulthood and taking baby steps for fear of tumbling, tripping and falling flat on my face!

The directors, spot boys, video-graphers and editors cover up Ranbir's mistakes. Whether it is induced in me by these Bollywood movies, or it is one of my many unrealistic streaks; I am not sure: but, I have always feared mistakes. I fear committing mistakes more than I fear the improbability of correcting them.

As I live through the 10 years of my life which I will look back upon in my old age; I am trying to make beautiful memories, take chances, learn, live and enjoy so that everyday of my life is interesting, vivid, cheerful and beautiful. I want to leave no scope for a "10 years later" line when my life-story is narrated.

As much as I know that each day and every moment cannot make it into my special diary of memories; I am tempted to make every day worth its while, worth narrating, worth remembering and most importantly, fulfilling!

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