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Saturday, 15 February 2014

100 Happy Words

A popular fad, a famous practice today is the 100 Happy Days practice. Most people live to be happy. Ask anyone what their ambitions are, and the words 'nice' and 'happy' will surely make way into their mini-speech. But they need practices such as these to find happiness in daily things, and in between all the running around and getting into the regular grind of life, people make time for their Social Media handles (if not their relations) and to my great pleasure, at least half the feeds are now flooded with moments of happiness. They click these moments to prove a point to the person behind this yellow colored website.

Drawing the essence out of this practice, I decided to add an aspect to it. I decided to merge this with my love for writing. And from now on, I will pen down at least one awesome line everyday. It could be the usual, random sentences stated in a fun way or it could be heart-warming quotes off my Pinterest hour. I don't know where the words will come from, but I know they will flow. The day I don't hear or read anything creative, I will write something nice. Even if it is just a single line.

Years later, when I read this diary, I will look back and probably remember some of the moments where these quotes came from. The reference to context game will be fun: who had said these words to whom, where and why. Even if I don't remember the sources of some, I will take that in my stride because not all days of your life can stand out as memorable.

For now, this practice will bring me to read everyday, listen more attentively and look out for words worth noting. And when I read, hear or seek; I will not judge the words because I will be busy weighing the good versus the better, and the better against best!

Write Now! 

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