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Monday, 4 March 2013

Joys at Work

I am well into my third week of being a Zoman, and the happiness is boundless. The sense of contentment and the joy of a full-time occupation that it brings to me in unfathomable and it won't be an exaggeration to say that eventually I am beginning to get emotionally attached at work.
Even though, some of my closest friends would advice me against it, I bring work back home. I take work everywhere I go because this city of joy has no dearth of eateries! In plain and simple words, my work is fun.

Therefore, my pensive self surfaced as I was walking down a busy street in this city, where a flyover decided to kiss its lower counter-part yesterday. Just by the way, the world stops for none: A day after a busy flyover caved-in, cars still raced their way down. At some point, I was below a flyover and remembered the Almighty to bless me with a long life, and then in just the next second, another thought overtook this one: How brave were those who took the flyover which was towering above my head, just then! Bravo for their bravery!

Anyway, thoughts were racing, as if in a Formula 1 race, which had scheduled itself on my mind, without prior notice or permission. It has been a little over a fortnight since I joined work, and I can easily list five instances, at work, which make me smile almost everyday:

  1. When we all walk in, and either the previous day is discussed in a new light, or the day ahead planned in a fleeting manner.
  2. When my 'boss'(who by the way, hates to be called so) reiterates lines which I call, her signature sayings. These usually pertain to various work situations and giving out all of those with their context would be letting out 'internal information'! *wink**wink* Here's the best one: "If you snooze, you lose."
  3. When 'randomness' prevails in the room, and has us rolling over in peals of laughter.
  4. When the Hunger Lord makes our office, his home and abides in each one's heart, er, stomach. The first person to voice his/ her need for food is usually the one to make the mini-meal for all.
  5. When one person asks for directions to a certain place and minutes later, he/she regrets being vocal about it because everyone present in the room has a different suggestion, a different route and a different opinion about the estimated time of travelling. No, we do not claim to be the creators of Google Maps, its just the 'Happy to Help' instinct!

My love for my work brings me to smile everyday. When you have joys aplenty, you share them like this: 

1 comment:

  1. happy to help!! sweet :)

    btw you bring back work?! DON'T ! :(

    this reminds me of my early days of articleship.....