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Friday, 18 July 2014

Rape of a 6 year old

It is 1 AM in my part of the world, and I can't sleep. I have had a very long day owing to major changes at my workplace, and from my track record I can drop dead at the earliest possible instant after days like the one I had today.

However, what's kept my sleep away for the last two hours is actually the thought of the Bangalore rape case that I read about, this afternoon.

I just cannot get over it. I read it on Twitter amidst the hustle and bustle of various tabs open on my Google Chrome. But when I read the tweet by Times Now, my heart sank more than just a little. 

What is it that can 'attract' the sports teachers to a 6 year old! She would probably bend down to tie her shoe laces, and her frock would flicker around a little. How can a man be attracted to a girl that small, in as pervert a manner as this? How is it that when they're at it, conscience or guilt doesn't prick them? What happens to that idea of: having to pay penance, on which our religion resides?  How can one even get to the point of unzipping his fly before the little baby: who has seen so little of the world and even lesser creeps? 

Sitting in a further Eastern part of the world, in another country; I am dazed to this minute. Bangalore is a city, I have never visited and have no personal connections with the place. Even then; to know that such people exist somewhere, doing some crap or the other is a feeling that I cannot bear. 

When I shut my eyes and try to sleep, I am forced to think about just HOW that girl will grow up. I am not sure what goes behind this. It could possibly not be karma. If its destiny, then clearly we have crossed wires here. What this really IS about: is the failure of the race of a bunch of retards. A perverted bunch of sexed out creeps and one-tracked creatures who need to head back 'up there' to face the music now.

Today, for the first time I heard myself say that, I don't want to go back to this ravenous state of affairs. i don't want to go back home. Home is where the feeling of safe is.

We, who take pride in our Indian culture, heritage, history and past are reacting to this crass and cruel act with a mild protest outside the school. This is what happens in the land of Kamasutra: Men are born with their heads between their balls, and women are taught to deal with it from the minute they're conceived ! 

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