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Friday, 15 August 2014


If you could get inside my head and see my thoughts, you’d easily nominate me for the crazy person of the year award. I am OCD as far as cleanliness goes, and planning is a hobby. I plan everything. If you would snoop around on my phone, you would find an App dedicated to making lists. I make lists for things I want to carry to and from India. There are lists for things I plan to cook over the weekend, lists for e-mails that are due to be written, a check-list of to-dos and reminders and of course, then there are grocery lists too. Above all this, my favourite: is my list of dreams. That is the one which brings a big, broad smile on my face and the one which provides the sparkle in my eyes.
Much of the items on this list are inspired/ stolen/ copied/ adapted from Pinterest. Pinterest is a favourite past-time of mine. If you’re not familiar with what it is you’re denying your brains some beautiful visual sense of serenity, peace, appeal and pleasure.
When I spend my hours on Pinterest, I find myself thinking I could be a far more interesting person than I am. I promise to buy myself certain specific outfits and accessories to look as pretty as those pictures. I copy paste recipes from here onto Springboard (my lists’ special agent) and I try out those fancy dishes over the weekend. I have tried my hand at a specific smoothie involving ingredients such as green apples and dates. I make myself fancy sandwiches because the regular butter and greens is too main-stream for my Pinterest-oriented mind. Sometimes, when I go shopping I don’t try out an outfit because it will not give me good pictures. That’s how my brain functions.

I am a 21st century Pinterest kid! (er, adult!) 

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