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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Funda behind Floss

The idea was weighed in various ways in my mind and I contemplated a lot over creating a blog. Several visits to the page of blogspots. Sometimes I even got as far as the step where my blog was a click away! Literally so, one click would make me feel I had created something. Some creation that brings excitement, responsibility, opportunities, avenues, and a lot more...... But unlike this time, every previous attempt ended with the cursor being pointed at the cross on the right hand corner and SHUT! 
I've finally made it! No apprehensions, no inhibitions and no fears.

Mental Floss- The name stands for something that's not for mandatory use like a toothbrush but its useful, all the same.The posts will hopefully provide food to the brain through written words or sometimes even pictures. My aim is to offer fodder to the curious grey cells and set the thinking worm to task! 

Inviting all people who like to think, observe, analyse, retrospect, introspect, contemplate and discuss.....
Here's to all thinking souls! 


  1. Count me in! :)
    Best wishes for ur new venture!

  2. all the best for this new venture.the seed that had been planted long ago finally has started germinating.And I am sure it will blossom into a beautiful tree,which will provide food for thought to all its followers.