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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Click! - Portait or Passport?

A book by Nora Roberts has grabbed my attention and its really very gripping as you're waiting to see what comes next in the story. The book has pulled me away from my Julius Caesar text, which was lined up as home-work!
Visions in White, the page- turner I'm talking about portrays a marriage photographer as its central character. She's a photographer by profession and specializes in this genre because she partners a wedding planning agency with her friends. The story is set in U.S.A and highlights the concept of photography in the country. Its fascinating how they take the art so seriously and not just for requisite passport size photos!
How many of us in India think of visiting these professionals for our photographs for the defining moments of life. The most popular photographed event in an Indian's life is his/ her wedding. That too is usually done in a preset pattern.
Mackensie, the character etched by Nora, engages in observing the personalities of her clients, their likes and dislikes, their wavelengths and commonalities between those. She spends time with them and is allowed freedom of space to create the portraits. While many of us have such concepts here, we rarely hire a professional for it because a little bit of knowledge acquired via Google, a small camera and the subject of the photo seems to do the needful!
I don't mean to be critical of my own country but I think there's room for a change in this area. What do you think? After all, we have moved towards taking the help of Photo Studios to tweak, blow up and print our photos. So why not make room for some more finesse in the art of photo-making, er , clicking!

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  1. true :) but the change is going to be a tedious process! there are very few who probably try something different with the cam n even they aren't encourage. Because in our country anything out of ordinary is not extraordinary, its a mistake, a fault!