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Monday, 22 August 2011

Paschimbanga (read: Poshchimbowngo!)

As I was reading the newspaper this morning I paused at an article by a Guest Writer and it explained what the non-Bengali Calcuttans thought about this change in name. (Funny, we still call ourselves Calcuttans when the city is Kolkata!) This Bengali translation of West Bengal doesn't help at all. The so-called historical baggage is not done away with in any manner! The alphabetical progression which was another absurd reason for a name change is not well achieved either. We progress from W to P and the rationale, if any, sounds vague. What is the thought that plays on the minds of the Ministers in office that their indifference moves a state to change its name in a bid to gain sufficient attention! 
The suggested name reflects how the decision is consented by only a certain group of people because the other linguistic groups that co-exist cannot even pronounce it, let alone approve it! 
Yesterday the Ministers( including the PM) met the Industrialists of West Bengal (er, Pashchimbanga) at the Saha Institute of Physics. At the event, the Governor of West Bengal Shri M.K.Narayanan touched upon the proposed change by saying : "Smt Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal or Paschimbanga? Not very sure yet....."
His pronunciation of the new name brought into focus, how the re-christened name would be practically butchered by non-bengali speakers. The Respected Governor who hails from Kerala pronounced the name as it is spelt and alas! the third syllable became "banga"! 
Not the Governor's fault, but the point has come to surface and with strong proof! Bingo! oops, sorry the name is "Banga" , ummm or is it "Bowngo?"


  1. Mamata Banerjee's dream is to make Calcutta, yes Calcutta, London. I can't imagine London in a state call Paschimbanga! The name's highly embarassing and does not take into account the so many non-Bengalis in the state...

  2. Aayushmaan Narsaria23 August 2011 at 23:20

    I think Mamata Banerjee is feeling sad about suddenly losing the limelight and this is her way of creeping back in. This is a democratic country and such a big decision was taken by a so-called unanimous decision of losers doing nothing for the country. Instead of spending so much money and resources on such a stupid decision, why not sponsor a needy child's education. I am never calling my state Paschim"bongo" or whatever it is. Let us be mature for once and drop this s**t right here.