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Friday, 13 January 2012



Today was a lazy day- typical to the winter season. College is off and thus, not having much to do I was lazing around. I tried very hard to catch up on some sleep but only found myself tossing in the bed from one side to another.
Just then my attention was drawn to the children who were playing downstairs. One girl said, " Nai main college nai office hi jaungi." The other insisted that she go to college only for some unknown reason. 
Nevertheless, they settled for college.

They were playing what we as children would call "ghar-ghar".
(I've never quite understood why the names of these games are doubled: ghar-ghar, teacher-teacher,  office-office)

Then the lassy spoke again - "Main savere uth k isse 500rupaiy mangungi." As their conversation continued it turned out that she even har a reason for demanding that sum - a college picnic. The next question was, Where would her picnic be? 
Within a fraction of a second she changed her mind and decided it would be a college 'trip' somewhere. 
Ok, the others agreed.
But again: Where?
"Kahi bahar hona chaie... Bahar mane out of India," she said casually!
And soon enough they settled on London.
Whether the British Government would sanction the visa or not, whether they would get the tickets or not; these young ones, approximately between 7 and 10 years old, set out on a trip to London.
The surroundings had to change. This change was even easier than the change of sets in films. They flocked out of the building to continue their game in the adjoining area and that became London without the Thames or Hyde Park, but London all the same!
Alas! That area was beyond my hearing rnage and when they returned half an hour later they were talking about doctors and blood.
Apparently, someone had suffered an accident. (imaginarily)
"Iska blood group O Negative kaise ho sakta hai? Negative to khali bacha log ka hota hai. Ye to abi bada hai na to positive hona chaie."
Little did they know that blood groups don't change and least of all they knew that the change of our outlook towards life is in the reverse order.

Such are the pleasure of childhood- enjoying London, college and office in a mere half hour. But sometimes it's not just restricted until childhood. I had a friend who enjoyed 'Barbie-Barbie' and 'Ghar-Ghar' till we left school!
If you choose to grow up then and only then will Heathrow be your only point of entry into London!

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