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Monday, 16 January 2012

Make Chai not War

It is amazing to know what an act of comedy can actually do. I attended
a Stand-Up Comedy session this weekend. It was organized by the American
Center Kolkata and indeed it was a power-packed performance with three
Indian Americans taking the stage by turns.
I enjoyed the evening with my friends and as we rolled over the floor
laughing, I realized, the experience had superseded my expectation.
While they touched on the age old jokes of women and their telephonic
conversations, Gujaratis and their English mispronounciations, there
were several other jokes which had an underlying message. That's when
the underlying theme would hit you again an you'd find yourself laughing
more at it's ironic relevance because the theme read- Make Chai Not War.
Azhar, one of the comedians commented the Google webpage which always
shows two primary buttons- Google Search and I'm Feeling Lucky. The luck
bestowed on the latter left us in splits and we realized how we
overlooked these things and forgot to smile!
Their splendid sense of humour didn't leave fake 'Nice' shoes alone as
it tried to compete with the original 'Nike'.
As against popular comedy which is most often vulgar, Make Chai Not War
made us think.
Have you ever thought why the security personnel subject heavily bearded
men to greater scrutiny? Well it is an unsaid fact that the suspicion is
on grounds of religion. But come to think of it, if they were on a
terror mission wouldn't they do away with all things that invite
trouble? Hence it's only obvious that they undergo a 'make-over' of some
sort. That's when I realized that even Kasab who was involved with the
26/11 attacks, wasn't bearded!
Sit back for a moment and think and in retrospect you'll find a reason
to smile in the most mundane tasks as well.
Make Chai Not War, and smile if one out of ten times you put in sugar
instead of Sugar Free tablets!

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  1. Now that I think of it, you're right - Kasab wasn't bearded! :p