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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Paper V/S Practical

As part of my College Curriculum, I am taught Media Laws and Media History and as protocol demands; I take a test on  the same. After a week's tiring effort of learning these laws, articles, provisions and amendments I realized the futility of the same in actual practice.
It had been quite painstaking to learn Article 19 1(a), especially because our teachers wanted us to quote the points word by word.
For those who don't know; Article 19 1(a) lays down the laws for Freedom of Press. A few days after writing a 5 page answer on this topic, I read about the Salman Rushdie 'fiasco'. I haven't read The Satanic Verses yet and hence choose not to comment on the argument of religious sensitivity.
However, my greater concern is why can't the laws be implemented for once! There are laws in place which allow all creative pieces to be subject to public criticism and judgement but where do death threats feature here! 
Why can't we behave as grown-ups and deal with the matter in a more mature manner than to take up arms at the drop of a hat! Why should a person of Indian origin be compelled to live abroad?
I was so elated every morning to be reading of the Literary Meets in the two extreme corners of the country ( Jaipur and Kolkata) but even this hasn't passed without controversy.
The meet of the intellectuals has revealed the underlying fear that resides in their hearts as well and the sense of  'in'security being offered by the Government, continually!

P.S: In Class 8 we read in Civics: India is a 'free,sovereign and a democratic' country.
That was paper.
Practical: No Comments!

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