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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Brains under the Bald

Their sponsors are such a long list that it takes over three minutes to complete the announcement , they have a nation-wide fan following, they speed up the gush of adrenaline and ofcourse, the passion they give rise to, goes without saying!
While other shows are accused of being dramatic, exaggerated, pre-scripted and even sometimes rigged, MTV Hero Roadies stands tall and unaffected by all criticisms.
Sailing into its 9th season, the show has earned popularity, favourability and of course, TRP.

I personally like to watch the Audition episodes more than the show itself. This is essentially for Raghu Ram, the mastermind behind the show. In the past, he was rough, rude and aggressive. However, now he's emerged as a man who offers a shoulder, he's caring and concerned and will hug you even if you appeared dumb to him. Some back of the envelope calculations reveal that this former short-tempered man, now hugs 8 out of 10 candidates he meets!

What I appreciate most about him is that he is an amazing judge of character and personality. People enter the interview room and more often than not, fake their attitude. But this man, sees through it all and his judgement hits the bull's eye! While I'm sitting and staring at the TV screen finding words to describe the person, Raghu has already assessed and uttered his judgement of the lad/ lassie.
He holds them in a warm hug when they're nervous, unsure or feeling low. He moves them on in a concerned manner and they're just at a loss of words or too conscious because of the camera. He doesn't give anyone an upper hand based on sympathy. At the same time he's not insensitive towards their handicap ( be it of any nature) He hasn't completely shed the old skin of aggression but I think the show demands it. He's perfectly balanced in his ways.

I know i am aiming a long shot  but Raghu, if ever you happen to read this, I want you to know people appreciate you for who you are and not just for the show you make. Your intellect and sensitivity are both exceptional. Maybe, you should look at Counselling as a parallel profession!:D

Bald and Brainy by choice!


  1. Absolutely true.

    I see how people hate Raghu and criticize him but he is truly brilliant. very perceptive.