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Saturday, 25 February 2012


Not so long ago, I created an album on my Facebook account called 'Shutterbug'. The idea behind it was to post pictures that I clicked when I saw something unusual. A beautiful tree or a regular but unnoticed act in action or the like. However, this album concentrated on no celebration as such and probably that is why it didn't manage to grab enough eyeballs.

Thanks to the new tech age, I have several platforms to experiment with and hence use this space to post a few pictures that I consider candid without marked presence of people.
Even though blogging hasn't attained its height for me, I find it useful to refer to the statistics that Blogspot maintains for me. The statistics record the number of pageviews on different counts, on such aspect being pageviews per post.
Hence, in my urge to see if these clicks warrant viewership, I post some of my favourite pictures below. After all, are the pictures too bad, or was Facebook an inappropriate platform for these?

Withered WOW

When the sun shines through.......

Red left alone

Rainbow at my feet!

If you don't know the time, you don't know the direction:
East or West, Rise or Set.

Mates that never Meet

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