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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Calcutta Blues

After over three decades of the Left Front's rule, the Calcuttans decided to overthrow the government and welcome a change. The lady thereby elected to power was endowed with immense hope and expectations.

Alas! We have moved from bad to worse, to say the least. The state of health and hygiene is deplorable, standard of education doesn't seem to be progressing and the crime rate is increasing at the speed at which one can cook Maggi Noodles! Probably with Shahrukh Khan as our new brand ambassador, the rise in crime can be accredited to the success of Don!
In the face of this degradation all that Madam Chief Minister is engaged in, is changing the colour of buildings and bridges and if she were given her free will, even taxis. We didn't know that in our bid to press for change we had called upon misery marked by blues, replacing the famous 'laal jhanda' of the Left Front.

She has declared that the Writer's Building be painted blue but little does she realize heritage structures like the Writer's Building and the Alipore bridge lose their historical charm, they do not need a make-over, not at the hands of Mamta Banerjee at least!
She has made it to all prime-time news shows and even made a mark on newspaper headlines by her take on the Park Street rape case. An individual citizen of the city knocked the doors of the legal system to appeal for justice and Madam CM turned the whole story around. Why does she think she and her party are at the epicenter of all that takes place?
Being a lady in the office of supreme power of the state she was expected to handle the situation a little better than this. Even if she thought a rape case wasn't a 'big deal' she didn't have to bring party politics into this scene.

What are we heading for? With this so-called iron lady leading us in her clumsy, careless and impulsive ways, what is in store for Calcutta? Striving for decades to release ourselves from the infamous oxymoron of being an under-developed metropolis, we tried our fate by trusting green instead of red. Sadly, the green gang, being unsure of itself, has discovered blue to be its new favourite!

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