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Thursday, 16 May 2013

3 months at Zomato!

Yesterday, I completed three months of being employed and can proudly say I have been through as many cycles of learning experiences. As my probation ends, and the calendar takes the liberty to mark a milestone in my career, I sit back and think how life has changed over the last quarter. 

I have found a second home in my extremely cosy office, with the rest of my colleagues. I eat,drink and sometimes, even sleep, there. We find our comfort zones within the many walls of our office, and just settle in. 

While leaving home at a fixed time has become a habit, the lack of such a stipulation for my return does not upset me even a little. 

Before Zomato happened to me, I'd never care much about menus. Even in fine-dining places I'd order typical dishes which one would know by common sense. Dal Makhani at a North-Indian joint and Chili Garlic Noodles at a Chinese place. You still couldn't tag me as a boring person, because I would thoroughly enjoy the delicacies which were innovative platters, and off the beaten track. But you ask me to order something new, and I'd turn to my friends or my mother, and go by their choice entirely! The difference between then and now, is that, I am obsessed with menus now! I collect them. We prize them close to our hearts and we go to such and such extremes to get them.

Most importantly, the most significant change of all has been, to find people from diverse walks of life: meeting everyday at the same place, sharing the same space endlessly day after day and working in unison towards a common goal: May the Zomato flag fly high! #respect

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