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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Buzzing Life!

In the 23 days that have passed between my last post and this one, a lot has happened and even more has changed.

Snow White is 3 weeks old, but is still as loved, cared for and looked after.

I am well into my 3rd month of service as Content Analyst at Zomato. This part of my life has seen most vivid sunrises and sunsets everyday. I've learnt immensely in my role, taken responsibility of newer tasks and adapted quite a lot with the Zoman culture of work and communications. 

I have officially, and fortunately, appeared for all exams and completed all formalities which form a part of my Graduation course. The results are due, and until then I am not a certified Graduate, but I trust myself to do well. Nonetheless, these exams are over and with this I draw an end to studies and no academic strings will be attached to me for a long time from now, which in all honesty, makes me happy!

I have become a member at a new-found library. I 'discovered' this fantabulous place through a friend. Located in a bylane, not so far from my house, this library will now be the source of all my reading material for the years to come, and that's how I'll keep my reading practice on!

Above all these changes, the one change which was most magnanimous was, my most favourite cousin getting married. Just like any other Indian wedding, even this one didn't pass without controversies and chaos. The end result, however, was a fun-filled experience spread over 4 days. We went out almost everyday: partying, shopping and dining. 
It was as if, life had become a celebration of its own! I even went out for movies with my bhabhi, and slept by the end!

With so much happening around me, and with so many things to do, I had started hoping for more than 24 hours in a day! There always seemed to be a crunch of time, and never enough. There was little time to read books and watch TV and even lesser time to blog! Now, life seems to be coming back on track, routine is probably resuming itself and I find myself leading a far more relaxed, organised life with just the right number of things to do. 

Today being a Sunday, I will sit back and relax, laze around the house and read story books, watch a whole season of Suits and I'll even have the time to change my nail-paints! 

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