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Saturday, 25 May 2013

My dream car trunk

When I drive my OWN car, these are the things which will occupy the trunk:

1. A few bags: from polythene packets to gift bags.
2. A set of casual clothing (basically jeans and tee!)
3. A dressy top (for the spontaneous party plans)
4. A CRATE of Coke cans.
5. A bottle of perfume (summers suck!)
6. A spare charger and a set of earphones (both would be the lower quality ones!)
7. An umbrella or a cool pink polka- dotted raincoat! 
8. A watch (this one's JLT!)

No, my ambition in life isn't to be a vagabond. 
And yes, it will be a car, not a caravan!

PS: If you're my friend and you ever need me to come and receive you at the airport, warn me about the luggage you're carrying😉

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