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Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Sporting Spirit

Came back home from work today, to a Saturday evening environment at home. My father, with his head popped against the wall, was watching the IPL cricket match, my mother sat close around, fiddling with her phone and the dining table was messed up with a wide array of things: from keys to fruits, bags to bottles and trays to books. 

I came, and added to the clutter. My tiffin, novel, bag and watch were added to the wide collection! Nibbling on a chocolate to satisfy my hunger, I sat beside my father and saw the last over of the Punjab vs Mumbai match. The last wicket was taken down by Gilchrist and it was a total face palm moment for the Mumbaikars

What I felt on seeing Gilchrist's victory moves, was way beyond a single IPL match. It was my first experience of cricket viewing for this season and just this one victory had my blood gushing and I pictured myself in Gilchrist's place, feeling the sudden gush of energy and adrenalin. No matter how lazy you are, no matter how little you love sports, the one thing which is universal is: the high and the kick you feel when you win!

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